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Column: Time for Weis to get creative

And K-State played their worst half of football this year on Saturday, and still had the lead at half. I wouldn't take the first-half score as any indication of real KU progress.

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Jayhawks get dose of ‘reality’

Weis has a hammer? Really?

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KU women drop home game to Kansas State, 63-57

Not quite sure why this was such a surprise, and I'm not just referring to the recent history in the series. K-State's RPI was 15 before this game, and they just beat the #5 team on Wednesday. KU clearly the better team? You can certainly argue that KU's players might have had higher ratings by recruiting services, but recruiting stars and $1.00 will buy you any sized coffee at McDonald's. To me, it's about getting kids to play their best. In other words, coaching. Not that Bonnie is or isn't a good coach, but year-in, year-out, the K-State staff consistently gets all there is to get from its players.

As far as beating Texas, you have to discount any ranking for that team until they play a few conference games. The Horns are one of those teams that gets the benefit of the doubt before every season. Like Notre Dame in football. Not that it wasn't a great win for KU, but we won't know what it really means for another few weeks.

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Sunflower downer: Two-minute stretch seals KU's fate in 59-21 loss to Kansas State

Sure the fans left early. The rest of us in the B12 have had a name for it for years: The Jayhawk Walk.

Nothing new here.

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KU women fall to K-State, 56-51, in regular season finale

Things happen in the tournament (Bradley Braves, anyone?). But 20 wins per season over 15 seasons doesn't just happen because you have one three-year stretch with mulitple (2) All-Americans (Lehning was in junior high when Ohlde and company were playing at K-State, and only she, Ohlde and Wecker were heads and shoulders above the typical talent level at KSU.) To do that with the talent she typically has says it all about her coaching. Two Big-12 regular-season titles, and a WNIT title during one of the down years. When Bonnie catches up, we can compare coaching skill.

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KU women fall to K-State, 56-51, in regular season finale

onlyoneU, Deb is an average coach? She has been a head coach for 15 seasons. With her next win she will have 300 victories. That will be an average of 20 per season. That is far above average. I have no arguement with the criticism of Bonnie, as KU probably has better talent than K-State this season, but there is a lot more going on here than Bonnie's shortcomings. There is also Deb's coaching.

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KU women make ‘progress,’ but lose

Long-time KSU women's BB fan here. While not disappointed with the outcome, I know that it must be discouraging for KU fans. I think that KU probably has better athletes on the court than K-State, and I believe it has had better recruting classes on paper lately. I agree with you all that KU's problems have to be laid at the coach's feet. Of course, we would all miss "Bonnieball" in Manhattan if she were to go.

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Kansas guard Keena Mays goes up for a basket over Kansas State's Jalana Childs on Saturday, January

Uh, that is Jalana Childs, not Brianna Kulas, who did not even play in the game.

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Kansas guard Marisha Brown fights for a loose ball with Kansas State's Alina Voronenko on Saturday,

Uh, that is Jalena Childs, not Alina Voronenko.

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Nowhere to hide: KU women suffer historic loss to Wildcats

KU has better athletes. KU has more experienced players. KU has Bonnie.

K-State has nine players in uniform, only two of whom have any real Big 12 experience. One-third of the team are freshman guards, and one-third are sophomores, of whom only two ever play. We are talking about a three-player bench. This team started out very shaky, as the newbies had to learn to play as a team and at college speed. They are learning. They have now won five in a row, and looked great today. Those freshmen were more than a match for KU's backcourt. K-State isn't going to win the Big 12, and they will probably have some bad losses in the next months, but they are getting better and the future of this team looks bright.

What does K-State have that KU doesn't? Truly great coaching. Coaching that develops players and molds teams into winners, and occasionally champions.

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