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Talent show: Top preps expected for Late Night

Is late night being televised?

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Self hopes camp made Jayhawks tougher

As someone who has been through a 10 week bootcamp, i can appreviate the 2 days the team went through. And yes, it does promote team work and toughness. Things i learned 35 years ago in boot camp i still apply today.

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Hustle guy Jamari Traylor builds toward breakout season

How true! Most people do not know enough about our countries history and just how really crooked and deceiving and manipulating our founding fathers really were! They draft a Constitution based on "Freedoms" and "Rights" and MOST were slave owners. They talked about Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.............Yet did not want to pay their own taxes....................Kinda sounds like today's government officials.....................Doesn't it?

Kudos to Jamari......................

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Self says Ukrainian recruit will provide immediate impact

Nice solid addition.......Oubre Greene, Svee, and Selden as wings...............holy cow! A lot of size with those 4.................. Mickelson, Lucas, Alexander and Ellis and Traylor as bigs! More size there too! Graham at 6'3 on point? WOW! Conner shooting and Mason playing fast? Hope they can put it all together............A ton of size overall...

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Kansas lands PG Devonte' Graham

I too believe alot of people are forgetting about Michelson. The kid may in fact be the starting center. Heviscacshot blocker and back to the basket kinda player that Self likes. That's why he left Arkansas. They were a more run and gun with not many set plays. I can see a front line of Mickelson Alexander Ellis......with Lucas Trailor as backups. Kinda nice for size and depth. Oubre Greene Selden And A WIKI as wings.....lots of good athletes and size

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Column: Naadir Tharpe jolly good chap

Some of you will remember a saying when the twins were here? FOE........"Family over evertyhing". Tharpe made a decision about family. Yes he had some terrible games and disappeared as an upper classman and point guard, it happens enough said. A lot on this board are happy he is gone...............the same people would have said the same thing about TyShawn if he would have left, about RussRob if he would have gone.............blah blah blah.............if anyone of US could do it better we would be playing, just saying.

The kid has a daughter that needs attention. Let it be, he made the right decision. And I don't think it had anything to do with basketball.

Will it help the team? Probably. Will we lose some leadership? Probably. NOW this team is Perry Ellis's team, him and Traylor are the only Juniors if I am not mistaken. Lets see how they lead. Even if Graham does not commit, I think we will be fine with Conner and Frank as PG's. The solid smart play of Conner and the fast, lets run, run, run of Frank could be a great combo. Just as in life anywhere....take the next step forward and don't look back!

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Myles Turner expected to choose between KU, Texas today

If Turner comes onboard that is fine. But not holding my breath. The thing here is Mickelson, Lucas are 6'11 guys and Mickelson is known as a banger. Alexander is also a banger at 6'9, Lucas will be a redshirt sophomore and another year with Hudy, Ellis is not a banger at 6'8 but Traylor is at 6'8. I think even if he signs elsewhere we have the size and girth to hold up the middle.

Besides, Mickelson was averaging what? 8 pt and 5 rb playing part time at Arkansas? I think he is the surprise for this upcoming year.

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KU signees help USA squad to victory at Hoops Summit

The best option at point is Frankston starting and Mason coming off the bench. Tharpe is just to inconsistent and very loose with ball security

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Kansas hoops signees reach Summit

There have been some really good players come out of the Juco ranks. Get him some tutoring and let him go! I believe that White will transfer....just to many numbers against him playing a lot.....Selden....Greene.....Oubre......just to many big guards and wings.

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Playing it 'safe': Embiid chooses NBA’s millions

Here is the deal.........I understand his going. I am not selfish enough to want to rag on JoJo, he played well with limited experience while he was here. I feel another year in college would do him a lot of good. After saying that though, Greg Ostertag.....remember him? 7 feet, slow as molasses, could not really jump.....stayed in the league for what, 12 years? And made over 40 MILLION dollars just by being 7 feet and blocking a few shots?

JoJo will be a star in the league in 2 years! He will make alot more than his original contract that is for sure. I can just see it happen, The only time I even watch the NBA is if I see a KU player playing..............

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