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KU coach Bill Self willing to let 'significant changes' to NCAA rulebook play out

The one thing I haven't seen this site mention yet is the rule change allowing the NCAA to use information from other bodies in investigations. This is a huge deal, especially, for KU. This is basically saying the NCAA can now use all of the information the FBI is gathering after the trial is done. I know that Self is saying all our players were cleared by the NCAA (which is true), however, I don't trust the NCAA to stand up and say. Yes we missed that, it's our fault and not yours.

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Tom Keegan: State's Big 12 college basketball coaches heading in opposite directions stay on course

Is there any word yet on what will happen to the WVU players after the court storming incident yesterday? Would be nice to know who we are playing against.

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Jayhawks still preparing to play without freshman forward Billy Preston

I think you are forgetting about Christian Moody. I'm sure he holds all walk-on records at KU.

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

I don't feel like we are as thin as it really feels. In any position I think the only thing we really need is a productive wing. Graham has shown that he is ready to be more productive and have a bigger role next year. As for the post position it feels like we have all forgotten about Azubuike. He already has an NBA body in my opinion. The number four center at top twenty-five prospect. He will give Landon a run for the starting position by the end of the season. There is also Dwight Colbey who will be ready to play next year. I think at least one of these players will jump over Lightfoot for playing time. and leave us with a four post rotation and an odd man out.

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

I think he made the right move. I don't see him getting any more playing time than he did this year. Even with losing Selden you have to believe Self will bring in someone. (Hopefully it will be Josh Jackson.) If that is the case his playing time stays the same of even goes down.

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