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Kansas guard Elijah Johnson puts on shooting clinic at Bill Self hoops camp

It will be interesting to how HCBS structures his offense around what I believe will be one of the best perimeter teams in the country. Without the inside presence and depth he's had the last few years, we should see some1-4 spread offensive sets. The challenge may be in guarding taller teams.

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May 23rd hearing set for KU basketball player Thomas Robinson in battery case

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Josh Selby working out in Vegas, hasn’t declared for NBA Draft

Seems we have a lot of GM's posting here recently. Believe me, Selby is getting advice from people a lot more qualified than anyone here. One thing he has to take into consideration is that he may be the 4th best guard on the team next year. In any event if goes, he goes. Best of luck it was nice knowing you.

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Jayhawks in the NBA

It's rather easy to look up.

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Spring football set to start Friday: Here's a quick guide on what to watch

With the weak D line and an abundance of LB's, I wonder if Gill will consider a 3-4 defense? Last year was a throwaway and I'm hoping we see an increase in competitiveness even though the schedule is much stronger.

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KU men's basketball prepares for life after tournament

Last year he was in the top 20 early on. I agree, his 1 on 1 ability is more siuted to the NBA. He's long, quick and is showing better range from the outside. Is he ready for the NBA? No. Will be an NBA player. Yes, in the same mold as Chalmers.

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On this day, VCU just better

Although I wouldn't trade coaches with anyone in the country, I think you are correct. I think sitting down Brady and Tyrell early would have accomplished 2 things.
1. Give them a chance to absorb what's happening and adjust.
2. To see if Selby, EJ or Releford would add a different dynamic to the game.

2 for 21 from beyond the arc??? At some point you have to adjust and attack the basket and forget the 3 pointer. Apparently that was never an issue coach Self.

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VCU fired up by KU's pregame chatter

I'm old school and never thought there was any need for trash talk. To me it shows a lack of discipline and concentration. If you have so little faith in your abilities that you need to "get under the other teams skin" to win, then you are going to lose anyway. If you are that much better than the other team, prove it on the court and not with words.

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On this day, VCU just better

It was a great season and I think HCBS is one the best in the country. That said, I think he needs to shoulder much of the blame for this loss. Not only did the team play one its most undisciplined games of the season, I thought Self did a poor job of using his bench when VCU made it's first half run. The thing that is most disappointing is that KU has a terrible record of losing to inferior teams early in the Tournament (2008 excepted).

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Discussing one big advantage Kansas has over VCU; also, will Rams coach Shaka Smart read this blog?

VCU does not have a Stephon Curry but I agree that KU's biggest challenge is not playing down to the competition.

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