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Blackhawk 11 years, 3 months ago

Slantrox,I'd say that a proper African-American studies class will explore all sides of the issue. (I had an AA minor at KU in the 70s and am an author and a historian.I also present at many colleges and universities, sadly, primarily around the King holiday and in black history month, though the contributions of black people in this country and certainly much broader and deeper than that.Check out my website,, if interested. In fact, I was the keynote speaker for the KU black alum for their banquet at homecoming this year and will be the King holiday speaker for both Ottawa University and the city of Ottawa Jan. 18-20th. If you're in the area and available, I'd invite you to come and would love to meet you. You'll see how I handle the subject.Thanks,Deric GilliardKU J school gradclass of 77(AKA BlackHawk)my email address, by the way, is

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