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KU proves it’s worthy of No. 1 NCAA seed

I too have a tremendous respect for Frank Martin. With all of his posturing, his players still call him Frank; not coach, but Frank. I loved the video (seen somewhre) with the K-State players' imitations of Frank's raves. You can tell that they love him, and that is the greatest recruiting tool.

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Kansas prepares road trip to Oklahoma City

Rock_chalk_25 said it all. We don't have to play all of them; just those who are left.

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Jayhawks surprised by seemingly tough NCAA draw

Hey, guys and girls.

Why does everyone seem to think that KU's bracket is so tragic?
If we are rated the #1 team in the country, we are going to have to prove it someday. It may be a shame that we don't have an easy bracket, but then, what would we have proven going into the final weekend? We are number 1. We merely have to keep proving it, again and again. Beating KState's defense certainly demonstrated that we can develop the offense (sometimes on the run) and the defense (sometimes out of character - zone) to beat anyone, any time. Hopefully, we will not have a night when everybody is flat. I don't think that will happen.

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FINAL: Marcus Morris scores 20 as KU holds off Nebraska, 75-64

Late night observations.

One tends to forget, it seems, that KU has led the nation for more than anyone up until now. Some of it earned and the preseason, unearned.

Every team is out to "get" us, which makes every game a crapshoot.

NU, as I recall, leads the league in defense, which may help to explain KU's poorer offensive showing.

As for the players:

It would be a shame for X to leave too early. He is not as developed as we were led to beleive, and he should know it. I am sure that Carl knows it. However, he may be a high draft by reason of his "potential".

Cole may stay, by reason of his academic potential/goals, but will undoubteely be a high draft choice. He is a sort of Clark Kent/Superman type of player. His first half tonight was lackluster, perhaps by reason of not getting the ball, but his last half was super. The move he made, faking to the right and then going left through two defenders for a gimmie/dunk was wonderful. His rebounding was great also, and his outlet passes are things of beauty.

Sherron has had a few off nights/days latley on the passing end of things and has thrown it away a few times, un "Sherron like". But he is still the glue to the tiem effort. It will be interesting to see who can possibly replace him.

Morningstar and Reed have been covered like a blanket in the last two games. They have not had the opportunity to get "their" shot. The both need the time to set themseves up for "the shot" from the cormer, but they are always a threat, especiaally if the ball goes into the paint before they get the ball.

Thyshawn and X are enigmas, who should be doing better, but have aways to in pressure situations.

Robinson is a bull in a china shop, who will become more tralented as the years go by.

Withey is showing more talent each week. He does not yet, however, have the strenght and knowhow of Cole. More time with Manning will be good for him.

The rotation is fine, with the occasional appearance of some of the irregulars. Bill Self is a master of management. We need the stability of a relatively constant rotation to get the goal that is in everybody's mind, a national championship.

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Fun in the fieldhouse

Here we go again. In an article about KU and the Special Olimpics, we get comments about the qualities of CU and their coach. It would be neat it the comments were in response to the article.

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Worth the sacrifice: Increased physicality in practice pays off for KU

Why in the heck were more than half of the comments about Kentucky? I thought that this was a KU (that's Kansas University) post a note. Hopefully, we will see what Kansas can do againt Kentucky later in the year. I predict that Kansas will demonstate that it is KU that perfected the game, not UK.

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Kansas guard Sherron Collins gets a bucket over Kansas State forward Wally Judge after being fouled

I am surprised at those who have commented (maybe not) regarding the talents of T. Taylor. He is, ov course, tallented and made more free throws than most of the rest of the team tonight. He does some dumb things occasionally, but so does everybody else. I've never seen so many missed "gimmies" by KU in one game. Coach Self, again, coached a great game. He used the players that he needed to use (with the possible exception of Withey for 15 seconds) and kept the players that needed to play in the game. I am sure that Coach Self will use some of the bench for upcuming games in February, to get them in the swing of things for the final push. K. State played an incredible game and almost took us down. It was Collins and Self that pulled it out. Brady Morningstar was a star and should be given credit for being the glue of the game that could have become ungulued. He did a fantastic job on Pullen wnen called upon to guard him. (Without ever changing expression - although I did see him smile once, when he thought nobody was looking).
It's a win, under tough circumstances. The Hawks are up on the league. Take it home.

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Would you want Missouri joining the Big Ten?

Missou should stay. Who in the heck would we love to hate if they left?

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Wolverines coach awed by Allen

I suspect that Cole will be better when the rest of the team qiots throwing the ball directly to the opposing center/forward, instead of lofting the ball to Cole. That certainly seems to be a factor that requires some work.

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KU has offered Turner Gill the head football coaching job. Would this be a good hire for the Jayhawks?

I suspect that several of the persons commenting are not old enough (at least they act like it) to remember the hire of an obscure assistant basketball coach from North Carolina. Some of the same types of comments were made then about Roy Williams. He did not do too badly. I suspect that we must merely wait and see as to Gill's qualifications and ability. Personally, I feel that it was a good choice. I also remember that the well regarded Bill Callahan was hired by Nebraska several years ago, with his West Coast offence. I presume that even the doubters who cast aspersions against Gill will recall that Coach Callahan did not work out too well. Gill reflects the Midwestern work ethic and has the contacts to lead KU to greater heights.

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