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Bill Self troubled by accusations, but stands by ‘kids’

1969 the Harvard graduating class was surveyed. 40% claimed to have used the bud and 60% of the top 10% claimed regular use.

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BYU quarterback Jake Heaps to transfer to Kansas

Enough with the track. If we must, dig up the track, convert to a moat to keep the fans from storming the field and tell the NCAA "look what good boys we are"

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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

All you nay sayers, you expressed the same sentiments about the Bill Self hire. If Turner Gill can't sell you on Charlie, you need help.

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Texas A&M isn’t staying in Big 12

"Texas" is the problem. The other schools are the majority. Confront the bully. Pass new and fair bylaws. Give them their choice - stay or leave. 150 Texas football players and staff are yanking around 9 universities with about 400,000 students. Universities are about academics. Time to grow a pair.

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Big 12 vows to go on with or without A&M

The white towels of A&M - When the going gets rough, surrender.

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Tyshawn Taylor suspended for violating team rules

Seems odd to me that two KU basketball players are suspended at the same time - one on the men's and one on the woman's team????

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Tyrel Reed top Jayhawk against Kansas State

Seems to be a common denominator. When Selby is in the game Taylor gets more TO than assists. Maybe it's just me but Taylor's game seems to take a turn for the worst.

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5 (way too) early Big 12 hoops predictions for 2010-11

The twins are the real deal. Little is the X factor. Robinson and Johnson will step up. Morningstar and Reed will stabilize. Momma Morris is a secret weapon. Manning will improve Whithey. Relford and Taylor are the "Achilles Heel". Believe in Self, he will take all these ingrediants and brew one hell of a soup. Hawks will be down, their best position. Selby and Lamb would be a curious addition, maybe an improvement and maybe not. Self's Hawks will be a threat, can't wait for the season.

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KU coach Bill Self (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Writing tomorrows headlines is a risky business. Playing the game is more important. Self deserved better. Been a heck of a year, feels like a Williams moment. Looking forward to next year. We'll be back. Thanks for the season Rock Chalk

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