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Continuity expected to benefit KU O-line, with lack of 2019 signees

He was a huge get as supposedly Texas offered the night before signing day in December of 17. He had the very serious neck injury early in fall camp last year and believe was held out the rest of the season. On his high school film this cat was mean and destroying dudes across from him.

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De Sousa's attorney: 'It's time for the NCAA to be fair to Silvio'

Several grey areas here. If the $60K Maryland payment has any legs in this whole thing than to me then this should also compromise the eligibility of Bruno Fernando. Fernando is a 6’10 fellow Angolan playing at Maryland this year who also has Fenny Falmagne as his guardian. He is also putting up 15 and 10 and on several first round mock drafts, all while Silvio hasn’t gotten to play 1 minute this year.

Also, I don’t know as if it is the $2,500 “gift” that is the issue, I think it’s how the money was used for the online classes for Silvio. What were these classes, would Silvio be eligible without them?!? I feel it may have been better for Silvio to take a wad of cash for his own leisure than use the funds to help make him get to college. There’s a strong chance none of this is correct and completely irrelevant but it makes sense in my mind.

Lastly I think some stuff came up in the trial several months back that Silvio had signed a contract with a European organization which would likely require consulting an agent which also would compromise his eligibility.

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Juco WRs Ezra Naylor and Andrew Parchment commit to KU football

Dontye Carriere-Williams, CB from Independence CC. Originally from Miami and played his freshman year at Wisconsin. Deciding between KU, Minnesota, and Vanderbilt.

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Report: NCAA won't punish programs caught in Adidas fraud trial until after 2019 Final Four

If Silivio De Sousa is not allowed to play than there is no way that Bruno Fernando of Maryland should be allowed to play either. Bruno is a fellow Angolan and has the same guardian in Fenny. I've long wondered if the $60,000 from Maryland was for both players' commitment and that is why Fenny only needed around $20,000 to "get out from under" the debt Maryland booster. Silvio can't play and Bruno is averaging 15 and 10 while working his way on to several 1st round mock drafts.

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Matt Tait: Kansas football covers; was Les Miles watching?

According to there is a flight at 7:10 am from Raleigh-Durham to Topeka Regional landing at 9:21 am. Miles was at his son Manny’s senior day in Chapel Hill. Coincidence with the flight or is this one carrying precious $4 mil/year cargo?!

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KU football MVP Countdown: No. 22, Azur Kamara

Would have loved to see this cat coming off one edge, Dorance off of the other, and Daniel Wise up the middle on passing downs!

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Notebook: Kansas WR Steven Sims makes another watch list

How has Azur Kamara been performing? After watching his film and looking at his offer list when he signed I thought he was a guy that maybe could be all Big-12 this season. Have seen his name referenced in article or 2 but have not seen any clips or pictures of him in any of the postings by KU Athletics on their website, Snap Chat, or Instagram.

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Junior guard Sam Cunliffe leaving Kansas

Gonzaga pops into my mind immediately with both the geographic proximity to Seattle and their history of transfer players. Similar to Andrew White III, if Sam lands in the right situation I could see him averaging 15+ PPG somwhere. Lastly, may be wrong, but I believe your FGCU reference was in regards to Joe Dooley and the Jayhawk Connection there. Dooley is now the coach at East Carolina.

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Why K.J. Lawson's season key to Kansas recruiting

I'm not sure where the Lawson's stand academically but ever since the Penny hire I've honestly been petrified of the reverse happening. The older 2, K.J. and Dedric, spending one year at Kansas then returning back to Memphis for a reunion with the younger brother via grad transfer. Also, I would think if he stayed in the college ranks Memphis would have to be on Legrald Vick's shortlist as well.

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Off & Running: KU forward Dedric Lawson shows off wide range of offensive skills in camp scrimmage

I know we are talking about a summer camp scrimmage here but looks as if Charlie Moore is sporting the #2. Another indication suggesting Vick's days as a Jayhawk are done.

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