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KU basketball staff hits recruiting trail in full force Monday

Agreed. Williamson would be a huge steal BUT I wouldn't be surprised if he is swayed to stay close to home and showcase his skills as the alpha on a team as opposed to joining a collective for "one shining moment".

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KU coach Bill Self: 'It's been a dark week'

Couldn't agree with you more, Brian. KU's recruitment of the transfers from Memphis led me to believe that they weren't willing to stoop to the "Blue Chips" level of getting players to the program. Their recruiting classes have never been of the Fab Five variety as they have the ability to unmask gems (Frank Mason, Devonte Graham) more frequently than they bring in highly-prized recruits (Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid).

I know I referenced "Blue Chips" earlier but that IF Bill Self had to stoop to such a level he would be retiring in the next year or so.

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Self will seek to fill scholarship opened up by Whitman departure

Any chance this might have an effect on who we get?

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Magic just might have a Jayhawk up his sleeve

1. Draft Josh Jackson
2. Get Paul George in 2018

Jackson - Ingram - George at the 2/3/4 would be interchangeable and a problem for teams with inferior length (aka everyone else).

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KU's Svi Mykhailiuk declares for NBA Draft, won't hire agent

The deadline to declare for the draft is May 24th

The NBA Draft Lottery is May 17th.

Any chance Josh Jackson is waiting until then to decide IF he wants to go? It seems like a full on guarantee that he will declare BUT you never know. He would be a top 3 in the '18 draft as well AND he might be thinking about what could have been with the Elite Eight loss.

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Josh Jackson, America's most versatile college basketball player

Agree with Len and Patrick - Mason and Jackson should be first-team All-Americans.

My ultimate dream is three fold:
1. KU wins national title
2. Lakers maintain top-3 pick in lottery
3. Lakers draft Josh Jackson (he and Ingram on the same team = defensive length you can't teach)

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Arizona State transfer Sam Cunliffe officially joins Jayhawks

Unless HCBS boots him from the team, I think Bragg will be the starting PF and Cunliffe will be the starting SF. If Svi has a great tournament run I have a feeling he will declare for the draft.

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Arizona State transfer Sam Cunliffe officially joins Jayhawks

Excellent video. There are some very good teaching points that I will bring up to my kids.

KU's backcourt will be loaded with hard working SGs next year!

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Trae Young's father says 5-star 2017 PG is still undecided

If Kruger is smart he'll also reach out to Blake Griffin. He's a player who came from Oklahoma and decided to stay in state.

My bigger question is this: Is KU a possibility for Trevon Duval? I'd love to see both of them here a la Frank Mason/Devonte Graham but I know that's asking a lot.

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