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Jayhawks land two recruits, lose one

Also heard the coaching staff told him if he visited KSU his scholarship offer would be pulled. His coaching staff at BCC was begging him not to do the visit. The Weis/Campo combo is one not to be trifled with. They mean and do what they say. Hello Bergland? Matt did you hear anything similar?

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How former Jayhawks fared, Jan. 28

Why does this newspaper insist calling KU grads former Jayhawks? They are and forever will be Jayhawks. As a Marine who served 69-75 I am and forever will be a Marine. None of this former bs. Jayhawks forever. Please.

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Thomas Robinson dominates atypically

blackhawk I respect your opinion, however to state that Manning was better than Wilt is totally inaccurate. I've seen both play. Wilt had to deal with racism on and off the court. Wilt was the total focus of all teams and would be mugged, tackled, pushed, hacked to extent that a normal person would have cracked. Danny was better from the outside, especially with his ball handling. Wilt was dominate the entire game. This topic would be a great subject from someone at the LJW to tackle and compare the KU greats.

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Former D-coordinator Clint Bowen to coach special teams for Charlie Weis

It may not be Miller's choice. Many of the kids who may be leaving are being asked to leave because of academic deficiencies. Not saying Miller is one of them, however it could be a possibility. I was shocked to learn the Gill didn't have a handle on our team's tutoring/academic progress. This could be Gill's biggest downfall.

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Talking Tim Tebow: Ex-Jayhawk Chris Harris happy to have quarterback on his side in Denver

I enjoyed the article and don't hate the Broncos. Chief fans don't have the right at KU games to yell Chiefs during the national anthem and you certainly don't have the right to tell Kansas newspapers what and whom to write about. Good job Matt.

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Oklahoma football transfer Justin McCay on hand for hoops

As a follow up, the approval need by the Big Twelve schools prevents a 1 year loss of eligibility. In other words, because it's a hardship transfer if he has OU and Big Twelve Faculty Representatives approval, the Big Twelve will waive the loss of 1 year eligibility.

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Oklahoma football transfer Justin McCay on hand for hoops

I don't believe it's the NCAA that he needs the approval for transfer. First he has to be a student in good standing. Second, OU has to give him his release. Third if he transfers within the Big Twelve Conference, the Big Twelve (collectively the 9 other schools) has to give it's approval.

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KU might land offensive lineman Thursday

Williams committed to ISU this afternoon.

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Agg beating: Jayhawks suffer worst blowout of season in 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

What is this baggage that Leach presents? He was fired from Texas Tech for insubordination. He was fired on the same day he was owed $800,000 longevity bonus. Leech was the victim of a Knight controlled administration that wanted him gone.

The James affair (father and son) has been proven to be completely untrue from all accounts.

Leech has been very forthcoming from all charges and was simply a victim of a TT purge that was clumsy at best.

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Gary Bedore’s KU hoops notebook

You can watch the senior day speeches live on All-Access.
Click on Jayhawk All-Access and find your link.

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