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FAQ regarding Kansas AD vacancy

Zurich is in Switzerland.
Jurich is in Louisville. That damn spell check can operate at the most inappropriate time.

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Jayhawks thumped by Oklahoma State in season finale, 58-17

Can we play next season without the name KANSAS on the jersey? KU is now the national laughing stock of a program. If the administration thinks that continued continuity is going to bring this "program'' back from below the ashes, have their proverbial heads buried in the sand. Not only do we have incompetent coaches and AD, it's grown to the President who's bought into the BMD demand we keep these worthless employees.

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New Jersey defensive end picks KU football is your friend. I don't know why everyone complains when simply you can no script them out and other annoying ads.

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Opinion: Wide receiver Nick Harwell still coming to KU whether his former school cooperates or not

poet you have successfully trolled this article while wrapping yourself as a KU "fan". Nice work. Let's take your nonsense one step further, how does the university make up the immediate shortfall of $30M in television revenue, contracts from Big 12 football? In mid term that numbers rises to $40M. I hope you don't run your business with idiotic decisions such as you have suggested.

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Oh my! Manti Te'o story takes new and horrible twist

...and Lance Armstrong must be your hero.

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With Weis at helm, KU academic staff not worried about juco signees' academics

add bio-chemistry and micro-biology and you have the new pre-med with a Exercise Science degree. The OP is off the mark with his assessment of a Sports Science degree. My son has his Masters in Exercise Physiology and is now a Aerospace Physiologist in the Navy as a Air Medical Safety Officer. The Navy accepts less than 100 applicants a year into the program. This isn't North Carolina we're talking about here.

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Self’s awards well-deserved

But but but I thought Frank Haith was the front runner for coach of the year? Speak with the Pukes and Haith is a slam dunk for NCOY. Not to be a negative nancy, but we're going to get screwed by the Calipari/Kentucky hype machine ie., ESPN with the NPOY. Robinson already lost out to Davis for the Sporting News player of the year.

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Charlie Weis goes far, wide to fill first KU recruiting class

What is interesting about Florida's recruitment of Miles is they did in fact change their offer two weeks ago to a LB offer. They finally recognized too late, KU was a serious player in Miles' recruitment. As I understand it, his final decision was between KU and WVU.

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