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Former Kansas great Delvy Lewis dies at 68

Lots of great memories of goodl times in Allen with Lewis. Had a great corner jump shot. Rip. He will still be in the Phog with all the other passed Jayhawks. Sometimes people say there is something about that place. Looks like Kansas is in trouble and then "something" happens. I will always believe the "something has to do with sprits of all the passed Jayhawks and they make that "something" happen.

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Realignment Today: 1:37 p.m. - Big 12 announces West Virginia as newest member; Self, Zenger and Gray-Little welcome Mountaineers

Good by MU dont let the door hit you on the way out. Never liked them since they tried to kill my great grand father.

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KU officials celebrate big day for Big 12

I haven't like Missouri since I found out that Q tried to kill my great grandfather. I think they should go down to the SEC home of the rebs where I am sure they will feel right at home.

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Realignment Today: 3:43 p.m. - Neinas conference call set for 5 p.m.; may help uncover Mizzou's motives

Let them go. I dont like them. Never liked them. I dont like playing them or hearing about them or smelling them. Do you get the idea. I dont like MU

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KU men's basketball to play Georgetown in first game of Maui Invitational

Are there B teams in the field?

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James Naismith basketball rules exhibit extended at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City

My dad took a class from Naismith in the 1930's. PE which was required then at KU. Naismith told the class he was looking for something between football and track and really didn't expect basketball to take off like it did. He is often counted as KU first BB coach but I think he didn't think that BB needed a coach and Allen was actually the guy that figured it out.

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Judge plans to sentence former KU athletic department employees Brandon Simmons, Jason Jeffries to two years of probation

Much better to be white collar criminal than blue collar. Dont rob the pizza guy. Just steal basket ball tickets..

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Extra Minutes: Texas A&M 69, Kansas 66

Ted= six big eight championships. 4 final four appearances for the uniformed that dont know.

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Keegan: Better players bettered

Just another NBA game. Long season in the NBA. Nobody gets too upset about losses.

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Keegan: Rush's struggles continue

I call Rush "stuntman." He looks like an NBA prospect. Tv loves him. He's smooth. He looks like an actor that would be hired to play a college player. But when the games is on the line and things need to be done they call "stunt man" and the actor Rush is out of the game.

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