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Precious few college basketball coaches have won more than one NCAA tournament title

Roy got us to a title game we had no business being in (1991), which makes up for 1997 or 1998.

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Kansas basketball signee makes major jump in updated Rivals rankings

Maybe we don't need Romeo - that we really need this kid to get PT and have the chance to get better

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Could KU freshman Silvio De Sousa's situation become Billy Preston Part II?

The best case is probably for him to red shirt next year -

If Dok is back we don't really need him.

He is young, so he redshirts, gets better, still gets Hudy and player development. If he can't be cleared in a year, then he's had that year to get better/build muscle for the NBA.

If he can get cleared, we maybe even activate him in January or February.

We are without his scholarship but that is OK.

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NBA expresses interest in Villanova's Jay Wright, might Bill Self be next?

Bill Self has three things left to accomplish at Kansas - two are within in his control:

1) Matching or beating Ted Owens 19 years as coach. He won't beat Phog Allen, but #2 on the list of longest tenured KS coaches is pretty good.

2) Most wins at Kansas.
Phog Allen has 590, Bill Self 447. That's 5 seasons at 30 wins per season, give or take for him to eclipse Allen. Interestingly, that extra 5 seasons would also take care of #1 on this list. It's hard to see Self, unless really bad stuff is coming from the NCAA, wanting to hang it up with what he has coming in the next 2 years and those records so close.

3) Win a 2nd Nat Championship
This one is harder. But its pretty likely if he sticks it out 5 more years, he'll be #2 in tenure, #1 in wins and has a shot at this as well.

I think after year 19 or 20 is when I see him giving the NBA a try.

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KU coach Bill Self explains overwhelming emotion after KU's Elite Eight win over Duke

Malik has a look in his eye. Watch out Villanova.

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Danny Manning signs lengthy contract extension at Wake Forest

I get it - after Self's record-breaking tenure, Manning would be the safe choice to do 7-10 years.

The best younger coach out there is Brad Stevens (Butler, Celtics) - though he doesn't have a KU connection, I'd hope KU would go after him.

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Tyler Self snags opportunity with the San Antonio Spurs

There are two additional milestones available for Self at KU-

He will of course never catch Allen in years coached or in wins.


He has a shot to be #2 in wins and #2 in years coached - matching the 19 years of Owens.


NC #2

If he has NC #2 and his 19 years, I imagine he'd consider the NBA

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Thomas Robinson aims to prove his worth with late-season increase in minutes

I have always thought the NBA needed 40 teams - there are too many great players who have to go overseas to play.

There are a lot of big cities (St Louis, San Diego) that could support franchises, and then we'd see good players like Frank Mason for sure go where they belong in the 1st round.

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Bill Self explains early-entrant NBA Draft process ahead of potential Graham, Mykhailiuk decisions

There is no reason for Jackson to come back, and in fact Bill Self would be doing him a disservice to welcome him back. He is likely going 3rd in the draft, and there is no upside or way for him to improve his position, and plenty of ways (injury, underperforming) for him to lose a few spots and millions of dollars.

Svi will make money overseas no matter what.

Graham would be better off staying a year, he could improve his position to solid first rounder. I have a feeling that Graham backed off a leadership role a little as Mason took over, so next year this would be his team.

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Coaches to examine NCAA Tournament selection process

1) You can't get in the tournament without a WINNING Conf record. Go 9-9 in the B12? Tough.

2) Find a way for both Conf Champs and Reg Season Champs to get auto-bids... maybe conf champs who wouldn't otherwise make it would have to do a play in game? This would increase the # of mid-majors w/legitimate winning records.

3) Strive to have mid-low-major vs high-major if possible through first weekend.

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