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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money

George Dohrmann has written a very readable book chronicling the AAU cesspool--Play Their Hearts Out. The NCAA is partially responsible. They use players like Ben, who come from such little means, to make money (who would pay attention to March Madness without such players) and then let them make NO personal money while in college, don't let anyone help their families get to games, etc. On the other hand, when one reads the personal stories of players like Ben, don't you have to wonder every time a family member is somehow able to travel to Lawrence to see a game? As fans, we prefer to simply not ask the questions. It would seem more honest for the NCAA to allow the colleges themselves to provide some travel assistance for families of incomes below a certain level. The whole system stinks, but then....when can I pick my seats for next year?

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Opinion: Cyclones give boost to college hoops

The Cyclone team and coach may boost college basketball--they are certainly fun to watch--but Monday's fans didn't. Apparently the fans wanted to prove ESPN announcers Musberger and Fraschilla wrong for their positively glowing descriptions of the nice ISU fans. For all their passion, KU fans might boo the refs, but they'd never boo or throw things at opposing players for winning. Perhaps in addition to teaching defense and mental toughness, Hoiberg also needs to teach fans what it means to be a winner (which also means losing with class). It's hard to imagine a man with his reputation and game demeanor would condone such fan behavior. But as the mayor, he is the one who can lead a charge to change it.

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Big 12: Officiating errors were made at end of regulation in KU-ISU game

The call did not, however, cause KU to win. As someone pointed out, EJ had to hit the free throws. Then ISU completely collapsed in the overtime. What a shame for them, but it's not the fault of the call. True we might not have gotten to overtime without the help but Withey would not have fouled out had questionable calls not been made on him. Perhaps the game would not have come down to that foul had he not fouled out. Good heavens, KU literally threw the ball away several times on inbounds plays toward the end to give ISU advantages. You can second guess these decisions as much as they might hurt. ISU had a chance to prove the call wrong on the floor, but couldn't. Next time.

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An Iowa State fan is restrained by police after charging at Kansas head coach Bill Self after the Ja

And the ESPN announcers spent the entire broadcast boasting about the good fans in Ames and Hilton, at one point describing them as among the nicest in all of college sports? The boos and this character would seem to contradict all of that positive hype that Ames and ISU got during the televised game. The end of game dunk was very uncharacteristic of a Bill Self team but with the season he has had, who could blame Elijah for doing what he did--and he was gracious in apologizing. Fortunately, there are sane and balanced folks in Iowa. Bryce Miller has a very balanced story in today's Des Moines Register online.

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Weis hiring seen as a bit risky by analyst

Ridiculous column. Risky is all relative. What hire at KU would not have been risky?

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A few KU video highlights from Game 2 win over Switzerland; plus, observations on each Jayhawk from Wednesday

These KU uniforms are ugly without the red. Are these the regular season unis?

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Carolyn Davis to miss rest of season with dislocated knee, torn ACL

KU_Cynic makes an interesting point. Add to that Bonnie's starters have to play about 38 minutes per game and you have even a more stressful situation. It is too bad. The team is much improved this year and Carolyn is such a big part of that.

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Kansas guard Keena Mays to transfer

Just how many of Bonnie's recruits have transferred? Seems like a very high number. One has to wonder what's going on. Too bad about the latest. She did so well the other night, her first start, and then to immediately announce she's transferring?????

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Sheahon Zenger’s pick: Take it or Leavitt

Tom, let me get this straight. Charlie Weis is not known to have treated his players badly, made very obnoxious, sexist comments to the press or to have a wife who publicly belittles people with lisps so he's not a good pick? I agree it's an odd one, but just because you didn't pick this one right or because he doesn't fit your mold is no reason to start abusing the guy from day one. If you are so smart, why don't you try to recruit players and win football games at KU. Sounds as if your readers are tiring of your song.

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Coaching Search 2011: Day 2, 4:44 p.m. - Couple of rumblings, darkhorse candidates, a timeline, and more...

What is this love affair with Mike Leach? You all are setting yourselves up for disappointment. Isn't Leach the one who dissed his president or chancellor in public when he got fired. Why would Bernadette Gray-Little want such a loose canon for a coach? KU wants coaches who win but win with class. As I recall, Leach doesn't exactly fit that mold. Moreover he's apparently been in the running for several other major university coaching positions and not gotten the job. If he is so great why hasn't he gotten one of those jobs?

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