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KU volleyball to host 1st and 2nd rounds, will play Cleveland State on Friday

How is that going to work?? MBB has a home game on Friday at 7

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‘Still Kansas City’: Self speaks out on Big 12 (minus MU) and K.C. tourney

He makes more than the President and he gets to stay in Lawrence.........WIN - WIN situation

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Two Lawrence police officers suspended for role in fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets

If we weren't sooo damn good. We wouldnt have this problem, lol. I watch other Big 12 games on tv and there stadiums are NEVER full.

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Visit to continue voting for the All-Decade Team

The 'NBA HYPE' must be messing with peoples minds. Julian Wright has better stats all around and Arthur is winning? I don't get that one.

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Results from All-Decade Team voting: First Round, Point Guards

Brett Ballard led his Jayhawk team to the ONLY undefeated BIG 12 team in conference play.

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Former KU athletics consultant Tom Blubaugh sentenced to 46 months in federal prison for role in ticket scam

Think of it like this.........If Lew Perkins WAS involved. Those squeeling pigs would have ratted him out FOR SURE. They ratted out Kassie Liebsch and she was the CURRENT head of the ticket office. Nothing was ever said about her until the after the investigated everyone. Pretty sure they would have thrown Lew under the bus the first chance they got.

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Former KU athletics ticket consultant asks judge for a sentence of no more than 21 months in prison

Also..........Tyra White was going to come to KU her WHOLE high school career. She came to EVERY camp. Was good friends with McCray and Sade Morris. At the last minute, she signed with A&M. (I know this because I was a student manager)

Agreed w Vinny1...........know your facts.

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Federal charges filed against five former Kansas Athletics officials accused of stealing tickets from KU

You could just tell all of the KSU and MU fans that "They wish they could scalp tickets for that much money on their programs.......but can't." KU is a hot comodity and let's face it, KSU and MU don't have it.

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Jayhawks adjusting to Gill's phone policy

If this was Bill Self's policy, you wouldn't be saying ANYTHING!!!!!! This happens to be a good rule for many teams at KU. Bonnie does it with our WBB team. She took McCray's phone away for like 2 weeks to prove a point. I've heard Self do the same things with the guys while I was a manager.

Think of it like this. Coach recruits a kid to come here. KU pays for their education = Coach owns them. Anything Coach says, that's what the kids do. I have heard of players having to turn in their car keys for discipline reasons. If you don't want to follow the rules, don't go to school there.

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Scandal quiet...for now

F the Big 10 and all of their schools. KU will be fine if the Big 12 starts to fall apart. Mostly because we will still dominate the conference and get a ticket to the biggest conference tournament......the NCAA Tournament. Where it's a privaledge to play in. I'd hate to join an already too strong of conference like the Big East or Big 10. Why move to a different conference when we haven't been knocked off the top in the last decade? It's like Jordan at age 40 sayin he has nothing else to prove, so why would he come back a 4th time?

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