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Report says Romeo Langford's father had issue with KU being mentioned in FBI investigation

Wouldn't you expect that Kansas would feel aggrieved toward Adidas? After all, it was its agent/employee/whatever that made an improper/illegal? payment to a relative of the player. Adidas should be sued for what it did. But you can bet KU will do nothing. KU is so entwined with Adidas that it cannot take any action without risking the many thousands of bucks it gets. And, by the way, who really benefits from all the payola money the colleges receive? I mean, without such payments, the coaches wouldn't be able to get million dollar salaries and bonuses.

This is getting so bad that I'd rather KU dropped basketball than continue to recruit this one and done players. KU would be better off getting players that will stay 4 years and really become part of a team rather than a player that thinks constantly of what his chances are of becoming a lottery pick or getting big bucks after one year of college play.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks must prove they can play on Saturday before worrying about Sunday

You may have forgotten what happened during Mangino's final season. As I recall, the team was doing quite well until the wonderful sweet Lou (Mangino wasn't his hire and wasn't pretty enough) and the chancellor stepped in and announced they were investigating the coach because he was too tough on the players. Once that knife was inserted in Mangino's back the team never won another game. Following that KU suffered from incompetent leadership from the top down, hiring once doomed to failure coach after another. I had hoped that after getting rid of Lew and the chancellor things would improve. I think it is too early to talk of getting rid of Beaty. The program has suffered a long time and it will take a long time to get over the damage done by the administration that ran Mangino off. That said, perhaps it may come to pass that football at KU is dropped.

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KU football removes recruit Darreon Jackson from consideration

Keep your political agenda for the opinion page. The "endless irrational hate" for Obama is apparent in your post.

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Tom Keegan: Josh Jackson says Kansas can become 'great' defensive team

Why are we getting all these quotes from Jackson? He's played two games, only one of which did he play well and the other where he couldn't keep from fouling. I'd rather hear from players that contribute and plan of being around for more than a year.

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Waiting game: Joel Embiid unlikely to make 76ers debut at Summer League

When he washes out of the NBA he can go home without a college education.

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NBA free agent Perry Ellis to play for Dallas Mavericks this summer

Perry, You are a good BB player but also a bright person with a degree from a good college. Don't waist your time with the NBA. Use your degree and get a real job.

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Something to prove: Diallo driven by fall to 2nd round

One thing he will never prove is whether he could compete in the NCAA. He surely proved nothing for KU. Diallo was simply taking up space on the bench; a waste of space and money and denial of an opportunity for a real student.

Why does Self continue to hire these OADs? We need players that want to be in school at KU, not one who have only the NBA as a goal. Those kind of players will be team players and create a truly competitive team, might even win the NCAA tourney again.

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Eudora’s Ballock commits to Creighton over KU, others

"should do good" and "should've went after"

I can only hope these examples by posters didn't come from KU grads.

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Tom Keegan: Underdog Oklahoma State shows more bounce than No. 3 Kansas

Defense was pathetic. Over and over Sve left his man to guard another who was already guarded leaving his man to shoot uncontested threes. This has been a pattern of Self coached teams for as long as I can remember. Finally, I saw Ellis dunk a ball instead of throwing up a prayer to be blocked. Can he jump? Passing was loopy, lazy saying "here, intercept me." I have to say all this comes back to the coaching staff. It looked like the players had no respect for OSU which owns us in Stillwater.

I couldn't hear what the crowd was chanting; probably "over-rated." A stupid thing to do but typical of dumb fans. But, sad to say, it is true in this case. Our rating is based on perceptions of untested one-and-done recruits. Bragg & Diallo have a lot of talent but not enough when so few on the squad can play this kind of competition.

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