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Jeff Long hired as KU's new athletic director

classic, whatever it was, classic. first comment on the board - zapped.

personally, I trust Drue Jennings. Mr. Long, welcome to RCJ!!

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KU junior Mitch Lightfoot a big time asset for Jayhawks simply because he gets it

Best line of the 2017-18 season was, “if you cut open Mitch’s chest, a Jayhawk will fly out”. A team cannot have enough of that kind of mindset.

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Tom Keegan: KU needs to find the department leader who can find the football leader

Just getting to this story at 3p or so.
Can hardly wait to read the TKeegan defenders below . . . . oh boyeeee!!

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KU football ticket sales down about $6 million per year; some question whether $300 million in new facilities will help

Ouch. BMcCoob!! If integrity questioned . . . LKnzas should have referenced your thoughtful and articulate prose, every single one of them reads like pure Longfellow or Chaucer. You challenge [“] - - racking up winning arguments right and left. Somehow you must be employed by the LWJ. BMcCure you are spending a lot of time protecting and towing the company line - - don’t fool yourself. Repeating TKegs is not original.

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Malik Newman tops ratings with 30 points against Oklahoma State

Come on Tom, how bout a little ‘sumpin sumpin’ for Sosinski - a #8 ranking for tallying up a foul? He had secret agent status - 001!!

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Kansas center Udoka Azubuike injures knee and will not play in Big 12 tournament

MLightfoot - lace 'em up tight.
SDe Sousa - welcome to the party pal.

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Bill Self ranked fourth in salary in college basketball

Texas is getting hosed. Shaka not worth the $$$$

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Bill Self ranked fourth in salary in college basketball

Whaaaat??!! My guess is two fold here: 1. You’ve never been to the Philadelphia Mainline. 2. You don’t realize that Norte Dame is a private Catholic school

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Tom Keegan: Sherron Collins not yet ready to give up on basketball

Sherron was fantastic!! Scored, defended and controlled the game. 110% Jayhawk to the core of his being. Very happy that tonight will be his ‘rafter moment’, very deserving!

Two thoughts -
**. he isn’t playing again, certainly not at an elite level
**. coaching is easy from the stands, the press table or my barcalounger
Paying your dues and working your way up / pushing away the pizza is hard.

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