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If you could change the outcome of one KU game in history, which would you pick?

1- Syracuse 2003 title game
2- Maryland final four loss 2002
3- Paul Pierce's last game
4- This year's loss to Nova
5- The 2013 Michigan incredible meltdown
6- Kentucky 2012 title game
7- VCU upset

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Kelly Oubre Jr. evaluates rookie season: 'I'm not a bust'

Was not impressed at all with oubre's play at KU, and I think that he certainly jumped way too early to the pros. It might have got him a juicy contract in the short term, but will definitely hurt his career in the long term

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of March 29, 2016

Happy for Trob !!

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Cheick Diallo plans on entering NBA Draft, Self tells Journal-World

Wow! Diallo is getting some very bad advising. He's athletic and can run effortlessly but is so raw basketball-wise that he would destroy his career if he goes pro this summer. Only another year in college could help him develop his basketball IQ. He will have ZERO chance of doing that in the NBA where he will be "inactive : coach's decision" until he rots. I hope he does not make this mistake.

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Notebook: KU’s Graham says he’s over cramps

I always thought Brannen was the x factor from the bench with his 3 pt shooting, especially when we played our "best basketball" towards the end of conference play and the big 12 tournament. I hope we're not gonna regret his absence. Devonte and Svi have to step it up in that department tonight and the rest of the tournament hopefully. If Selden and Perry continue playing the way they are right now, Landen keeps protecting the rim, and mason takes care of the ball, we should be fine.
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Andrew Wiggins named to preseason all-Big 12 first team

new season new avatar :)
Rock Chalk Jayhawk - Hala Madrid

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Cliff's Notes: Roy Williams says he'll never walk through tunnel as opposing coach at Allen Fieldhouse

we need bmac to get his A game back if we wanna have a good run in this year's tourney!
Rock chalk!!

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Self: Milton Doyle fully qualified to play at KU

i'm very happy for selby. he's finally in good health and taking his game to the next level. congrats josh and keep up the good work

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Rivals analyst evaluates KU’s 2013 hoops recruiting class

I really do hope we will land Randle, otherwise we might have a problem next year..

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