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Journal-World's Tait honored in APSE contest

Either that or he did good work

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McClinton not limited to football

McClinton scored first touchdown in super bowl history

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Recruit J-Mychal Reese’s dad not Aggie yet

It wouldn't suck if apheres stopped hating himself....

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Former KU football coach Mark Mangino would be a good fit at Nebraska

Bobby Knight did not have "blue chip" recruits??? He did when he won three championships. He did NOT when everyone (coaches, recruits, administrators) got tired of his act. He is/was a d!ck, just like Mangino. It gets overlooked when you are winning big, but bites you in the a$$ sooner or later. (in all walks of life) Pelini can find a much better coordinator than Mangino. OU was glad KU took him off their hands.

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KU basketball spreads holiday cheer, shops for needy families

It's not the exact same article. Roger Morningstar's name has been much more prominent in year's past as coordinating this. (And it is a terrific program for both the team and the families it helps) His name was barely mentioned with only a reference to "the Morningster family", but not any mention as being involved.

Seems as if he is trying (or asked) to stay in the background, but Self wanted him to get credit for the hard work over the years.

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Zack Stoudt chooses Ole Miss

What was Quin Mecham ranked last year?

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Gill says team policy on women not causing a negative reaction from players

Not enough discipline? Too much discipline? Maybe if they had more girls to fight over, you would have more to comment on...

Next thing we are going to hear is the coach makes them attend meetings, eat together and have mandatory study times. Might even make them get up at 6am to workout together and call it a "boot camp".

When a certain coach mimicks the military academy (physically), everybody loves it. A good dose of discipline never hurt anybody at any age.

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Bill Self releases statement about Josh Selby

The NCAA is not after Selby (or even Kansas, we hope??) They are after Tennessee and Kentucky... they SHOULD scrutinize how top recruits are handled. If they turn their head and rubber stamp the No. 1 recruit, what does it say when they penalize the 58th rated recruit. As Jerry Tarkanian eloquently stated years ago, "The NCAA is soo pi$$ed off at Kentucky, they put Cleveland St on 3 more years probation."

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Kansas Athletics, Joe-College settle legal issues

Huge waste of time and money. Meanwhile, Williams Fund members tickets are being sold to scalpers....if only they spent more time managing their own assets instead of worrying about humorous t-shirts.

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