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Notebook: KU football lands in-state commitment; big recruiting weekend ahead

Per, Brad Stewart is visiting Arkansas this weekend; then visiting Florida next weekend.

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Dual-threat Texas QB headed to KU

Whatever happened with the 2 recruits from Snow College in Utah- Joe Malanga and Manaia Perese? They had previously committed to KU but I don't see them listed any longer.

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Numbers crunch: Failed recruiting efforts leave Jayhawks short-handed

I have season tickets and I am not only planning to show up for every game, but to stay til the end of the 4th quarter. Even if I were dying, I'd never sell my ticket to the purple crowd.

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D-Lineman Andrew Bolton no longer with KU Football

I bought season tickets and will be there rooting at every game. The team is going to need all the support we fans can muster so there'll be no quit by the players, no matter the score

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Kansas to play Canada in World University Games tuneup in Sprint Center

Suzi, you make sense but I bet the NCAA would deem it "improper benefit" which they love to throw out at every opportunity

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KU seniors featured during TCU week

How about announcing Bowen as head coach at the end of the game. How awesome would that be for the fans, the seniors and their parents???

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Column: Kansas must develop O-line

I agree with your suggestion to hire Bowen as HC, even better would be to remove the interim tag today to facilitate recruiting

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Column: Kansas must develop O-line

Right on target Keegan. It takes time to develop an O-line which KU fans never give any coach. The verbal commitment list currently shows 4 OL's and 1 TE out of 14. If Weis wasn't given enough time for quick fixes from the JUCO ranks, what evidence is there that the KU fan base will give any decent coach the time to recruit and develop OL talent from the HS ranks?

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Tight end Josh Moore decommits from Ohio State and picks Kansas

" Despite not knowing which head coach will lead them into the 2015 season, the Jayhawks are expected to sign a full class because of the number of departing seniors. "

That's the reason for removing the "interim" tag and make Bowen head coach now.
With all the seniors leaving who are amongst the best playmakers., KU will be desperately needing to succeed in recruiting.
If KU ever wants to get out of the basement, it needs to win the recruiting wars. Recruiting is hard enough as it is. It is imperative this year to recruit a good class.

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