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Tyshawn Taylor leads Nets in summer league loss

Taylor may have to play in Europe or the D-league, the turnovers are a problem for any head coach in the NBA and Jason Kidd is no exception. He has little time to change his style and mentality of play, he got away with it here at KU.

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Second-year pro Tyshawn Taylor auditions to back up Nets' star guard

KU usually finishes second to UK in recruiting, it doesn't matter as long as HCBS continues to acquire top talent. He builds a consistent winner, not to overemphasize the nine straight conference titles but looking at this upcoming year last October I had my concerns for the tenth straight title but this great recruiting class makes that possible.
As far as Stanley Johnson, UK can have him, I seen him play and he is kind of soft and Mater Dei doesn't exactly have a great reputation for their kids staying at the same college(the high profile recruits transfer a lot). I like the kids from St. John Bosco of the same league in southern CA. HCBS will bring in 3-4 solid guys next year even if they are building blocks for the future. Rock Chalk!

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Cole Aldrich press conference (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

FYI-Selby won the slam dunk contest, he's athletic all right hope he comes here.

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End of season report: Marcus takes final No. 1 in ratings

Since we're talking about the past and future, I'd offer my thanks to Sherron, Cole, & X they provided us with the talent we needed to win it all this year, they're good players and will make money playing the game they love for a few years to come.
I like many was waiting for this team to put it all together for 1 game and since it didn't happen in the regular season I thought for sure we would see it in the tourney-guess there's an argument to chemistry.
As for next year, as I told a MU fan last night, "we can beat you tomorrow with what we have minus the forementioned 3." I like Selby (if we didn't loose him last night)& Taylor at the guard positions, Mario on the wing, and Marcus & Withey in the post, 2nd unit may look like; well you'll have some competition for the 2 guard spots and the wing, my early guess is CJ & Tyrel and Releford will join T-Rob & Kief in the post, Morningstar will have to improve to avoid a mop up role, Elijah & Woolridge may be candidates for redshirts.
Ultimately, chemistry will be the key and hopefully we'll put this behind us and win it all next year!

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KU coach Bill Self (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

There's nothing wrong with the offensive scheme or the coaches or players, we had a balanced attack. We've read guys being critical of Taylor, he just didn't have the same kind of visible improvement as the twins. He plays the most important position on the floor, I'm sure he'll work on his jump shot in the off-season and return to form a terrific backcourt with the guys we have and maybe Selby.
Believe me there is no-one more disappointed than I, since I thought this was the most talent we've ever had in one year, I was realistic in knowing we wouldn't go undefeated and figured who our two losses would be to when I seen the schedule.
Remember the Superbowl with New England & the NY Giants in '08 and the catch on the helmet? Sometimes things happen when you keep it close, and this UNI team gained confidence as the game went on, until we used our press. I've always said you have to be good, but you have to be lucky. Think 1988 & 2008.
Eleven months ago we were picked to win it all and in the end we squandered a great oppurtunity to win a 2nd title in 3 years.
Reminds me of the '86 team that lost in the Final Four, we were the best team that year and lost in the semis when Archie Marshall blew out his knee.
The 'hawks had a great regular season, but success in men's basketball here is defined by national championships, let's hope this disappointing ending to a promising season doesn't cost us in recruiting.

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KU coach Bill Self (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

We talked about this matchup during yesterday's games and we believed KU would exploit UNI's ability to bring the ball across the time line under full court pressure, in summary we waited way too long to employ our small line-up and press. Coach Self stated he couldn't bring pressure in the last ten minutes of the first half because they were in the bonus, I thought for sure we would come out of the half with full court pressure to create offense off our defense since they did such a great job guarding us.
Coach Self is a great coach, but I'm from Kansas City so I'm used to waiting 'til next year and maybe we'll add Josh Selby-this guy is the real deal and make another run.
UNI deserves credit for executing their game plan, but our season long achilles heel-unforced turnovers bared it's face too early and we ran out of time to overcome them. Good luck to UNI, they'll last as long as they can bring the ball across the time line, they're a fundamentally sound team and a coachs dream to watch. But this Jayhawk fan is rooting for the only hawk still in the tourney-Mark Turgeon's A & M Aggies.

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Collins named second-team All-America by USBWA

Dean Smith once said, "people assume the players at North Carolina are All-Americans." He was right, but Hansborgh is deserving. Collins and Aldridge are shoe-ins next year.

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