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Starting DE Marcus Harris enters transfer portal, leaving KU football

Yep, huge bummer to lose those two but not unexpected; with all that KU has gone through and the availability of the portal, this was always going to be ugly, even if Miles was still around, I think.

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Where things stand with the KU football coaching search now that KU AD Travis Goff is off and running

Yeah, Jim Leonhard turned down the Packers DC job; he's not leaving the gig at UW for any college job that's not a major power.

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A potential starting point for KU AD Travis Goff's search for a new football coach

Pat Fitzgerald is so committed to Northwestern that he turned down a chance to interview with the Green Bay Packers two years ago. He ain't moving to Lawrence.

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Chip Lindsey leaves KU football to become head coach at Troy

Not even an apology to KU in that statement from Lindsey, what a dumb PR person!

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Tom Keegan: Beaty's failure to execute his own blueprint led to demise

Mertz is going to Wisconsin, not North Carolina...

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Cole Aldrich calls jersey retirement ceremony 'really humbling'

That 10 year anniversary ceremony was pretty weak, to be honest. They did it at the 12 minute timeout and it was pretty much just a walk on the court by the guys, a quick intro and an ovation. It's unfortunate that they did it during NBA All-Star weekend and, yet, Rush/Chalmers couldn't be bothered to be there. Robinson and Jackson are both playing overseas (Macedonia/Greece, respectively) so that's obviously a long trip, so I'll give them a pass.

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Cole Aldrich calls jersey retirement ceremony 'really humbling'

Believe getting 1st team All-American is one of the criteria, and that's why Aldrich made it?

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Jayhawks still searching for home-court advantage

Saturday was the worst KU crowd I can remember in a long time. No, the team didn't play well but those are the days when the crowd is supposed to pick them up and help win the game. Instead, the apathetic, spoiled KU crowd just expected the team to come back and win while they sat on their hands. I sit in one of the corners (section 13a) and most of our corner was sitting for the entire last 5 minutes. Lots of people started exiting when there was a TO with KU down 5 with 42 seconds left! I've never yelled at other fans in my own section before but I did Saturday. The students were also pretty dead. They stood but got quiet very quickly and had no chants, energy, etc.

Sometimes, I almost wish KU would crater and go 14-16 or something so people remember and appreciate how spoiled we've been.

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Kansas basketball offers scholarship to KC wing Ochai Agbaji

When has Self ever done that unless there was a discipline issue? Garrett is part of this 7 man rotation so Self clearly likes him. No chance of this.

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Joe Dineen relishes chance to meet Orange Bowl team, 'standard' of KU football

That reasoning makes zero sense. He's possibly the best player in KU history.

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