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KU women fall to K-State, 69-61 on Kansas Day

When they did the last round of hiring, it seems like, for about a week, LJW ran an article a day reviewing different candidates that either did interview or they were promoting. I don't recall the specifics there.

What I do remember is thinking for most of the candidates, "sounds great hire that person" on all but the guy they ended up hiring. When they hired this guy, I thought "what the he##? The other candidates were clearly so much better, why that guy?

However many years later, I am still 100%, completely unimpressed with this guy. I don't care if you can beat UMKC and Sisters of the Deaf & Blind. Win some Big XII games. Go to the NCAA tournament. Have a winning Big XII record.

This is ridiculous. Fire him and move on.

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Big 12 suspends Silvio De Sousa 12 games; McCormack, two K-State players also suspended

Stealing the ball was not "unsportsmanlikelike", neither was blocking the shot. Standing over the guy and woofing was. That started it. SDS is to blame. He punched his ticket, with that, throwing punches, and prepping to bean someone upside the head with a chair. Awful. I'm fine with it if Self kicks him off the team.

That KSU should have had more guys suspended? Maybe, but I don't care and am not concerned about them. Maybe we should have had more players suspended too. I'm feeling grateful that DM only got 2 games. That could have been worse.

I'm tired of the modern day crap players bring to sport these days. Old days would have had the player giving the smack down on the shot and walking away like "no big deal." Or even extending a hand to help him up.

Take the medicine. On to Tennessee.

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Tinch high-point performer; 3 Jayhawks win titles on final day of Big 12 Outdoor Championship

That would require LJW to extend themselves. They are not going to do that for track & field.

KU has some amazing track athletes, including the indoor NCAA National Champion (800M) Bryce Hoppel, but very little coverage. I was fortunate enough to get to speak with Bryce at this year's Kansas Relays. What an amazingly polite young man. I'm pretty sure he said he was from west Texas, so that was a great steal from Texas, A&M and Tech for KU!

Coincidentally, I also spent some time talking with Alexandra E. Although, I'm pretty sure she goes by Sasha or something else. She is pretty fun and quite colorful.

They could do some profile stories on these kids, but no. The track kids (and I'm sure this is true for the tennis ladies, swimmers and other non-headline sports) are just normal college students that bust their tails to be good at sports without all the hype and glamour.

Rock Chalk tracksters!

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A look at college football's worst three-game losing streaks

KU has one goal in football: to outright own every single record of futility that can be thought up. And you know, we have an excellent chance of getting there. This program is a disgrace. Even the stadium rebuild looks pathetic.

Why can't we do like Minnesota or Colorado State? Why are we putting lipstick on that pig?

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No offense: Jayhawks thumped against Iowa State, 45-0

#1. Kansas really needs to admit it is time to dump football. We are an absolute disgrace. The worst power 5 team by far.

#2 It would save a ton of money on the bad idea of trying to "patch up" the s#$t hole known as Memorial Stadium.

#3 Why was everyone bitching about pulling out the track a few years ago? The stadium is a s#$t hole and the football team is a national disgrace.

#4 If we insist on continuing the embarrassing football team, we should scrape the sorry excuse of a stadium and start all over.

#5 Beatty seem like a nice guy and seems to be recruiting ok, but the on field results are pitiful.

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KU soccer season ends with 3-1, Border War loss in NCAAs

Please find a coach that can win big games. No way our lady Jayhawks should have lost this one and yet they did.

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Parent club San Francisco calls up KU product Bochy

Way to go Brett!

We're all proud of you. Kelly and Rhiannon were stoked when they saw you on tv here.

Take advantage and enjoy the moment. We'll climb Longs again when you retire in 10 years!

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KU to remove track from Memorial Stadium

Lipstick on a pig. Dropping the field and extending seating down does nothing to bring the current seats closer to the action. In fact, they will actually be even further away.

Step 1b is to tear that dump down. It flat out is a crappy stadium. Scrape it and start over. Modeling after the Minnesota stadium is a great idea.

KU will have to play in Arrowhead for a year or two.

And yeah, KU needs to start winning some games.

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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

741, not targeting you, just wanted to jump in somewhere....

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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

If you lower the field and add seats, none of the existing seats are any closer to the field. In fact, they are further away.

The only way you get closer is to scrape and start over. That dump needs to go anyway.

Years ago, Maryland rebuilt one side then rebuilt the other. Scrape away the east side and rebuild it closer with a stacked deck and a luxury boxes, then do the same to the west (or other way around, I don't care). then finish with a new north end. The scoreboard moves in closer as well. Put seats in the south too, I don't care if you cannot see the hill. Are you there to watch football or daydream?

Build a nice monument for the war dead with a water feature, seating, and a calm area to contemplate (somewhere else on campus). A raucous stadium seems odd way to pay homage, but o each their own in that regard.

Bottom line: Memorial is an old out of date dump. "fixing" it up is putting lipstick on a dead pig.

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