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Jeff Withey says he considered leaving early

I'll never knock a kid for leaving but I think it will help Jeff a lot basketball wise. Being "the guy" should improve his stock a lot, especially how much bigs seem to get better here.

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Thomas Robinson to announce decision to enter NBA Draft on Monday

Can't wait to see him in the Association. I definitely think he can be an All Star on a consistent basis. It will be fun seeing him when not being double/triple teamed. Good luck Mr. Robinson and we'll see ya when you get your name in the rafters!

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KU Basketball (The Season in Photos)

Couldn't agree more. And I'm really going to miss Ty. He was the heart and sole of this team, I wish him the best of luck in the NBA.

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Bill Self named Naismith national coach of the year

Saw this on twitter today...

"With last night's win, Kansas now has more wins in a six-year period than any program in the history of college basketball.”

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Jayhawks recall UK ‘bullied us’

I really believe if we can just keep the game close with a couple 2/3 minutes left that we can and will win the game. This Kentucky team has played maybe 3 or 4 games that went down to the wire. We're ready for that.

Either way, I'm so proud of this team. National Championship appearance in a "rebuilding year." I'll take it. And heck, we haven't played a good, complete game yet. Monday would be a great time to start. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!!

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CARDIAC KIDS! Jayhawks advance to final with 64-62, come-from-behind win over Ohio State

Now we get to wear the Blue Uniforms. No way we lose!

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FINALLY: KU, Ohio State healthy, ready for rematch

Bruce Weber is KState's new coach.

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T-Rob must extend his ‘D’

The only problem is that we all thought Mizzou, Purdue, etc would have to match up with us. Turns out they didn't, and we had to adjust to them with KY. Hope you're right but I think we'll have to win with a lot of Young and not a lot of Withey/TRob (together).

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Thursday at the Superdome with the Jayhawks

This has been my favorite team to watch in a long time. It would be that much sweeter with a win on Saturday (and Monday!).

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