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Can Kentucky run the table? ‘I don’t know’

The laughable part about the idea of Kentucky going "45-0" is that it is impossible since they won't play 45 games. I haven't looked at their schedule to know the exact number but it is likely 40. Indiana's perfect season was 32-0.

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Notebook: Zenger confident in Weis, direction of Kansas football

You do realize Tim Grunhard is a Notre Dame graduate, right?

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Source: Weis to hire John Reagan as offensive coordinator; KU confirms Tim Grunhard to step down

Wow, this seems like a great move for the coaching staff and recruiting. Welcome back John!

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Opinion: Zenger explains that TV deal good for KU

"darned near anyplace else" isn't completely true either. ESPN3 is ONLY available if your Internet provider is one of the blessed who pays Disney for the privilege of offering it. Where I live (metro Phoenix), there are only two Internet providers available to me and neither offers ESPN3. I asked the one I have and they claimed I was only the second person to ever ask about it.

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Opinion: It's time to rip red shirt off QB Montell Cozart

If my memory is correct, Zenger and Weis have a meeting each week to discuss the team. Given Zenger's football background, I've got to think he has at least brought the question of a dedicated OC to Weis' attention. While I would be shocked to get an OC this season, it may be a condition for Weis' continued employment to have one next season.

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KU men's basketball to hold open practice at Allen Fieldhouse

The fact that many fans will already be headed to Lawrence that day for the football game should bring in more that a minor happening. But I don't think it will be a full house either. If I had to guess, it will be half full. The side benefit is that maybe it will get a few more people to town for the football game just in case there is a repeat of the 1984 Oklahoma game.

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Cliff's notes: Charlie Weis press conference: Aug. 13

I definitely prefer the old format over the "Storify" version. I'm already on Twitter and receive most of the tweets referenced. What I prefer about the Cliff's notes is having Jesse sit in the press conference and truly take notes on the most important topics covered. I understood the first Storify last week since the real one was lost, just would rather than the old notes return this time.

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Opinion: Don’t count out Kansas LB Schyler Miles

I'm sure there is an NCAA rule allowing a certain number of practices before the first game or that practice can start a certain number of days before the first game. Since we have a bye the first week, we also start practice later than most.

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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

Full Court does NOT show the two exhibition games. If they were counted in the numbers, it would be eight games. The six games being referenced are regular season games.

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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

"Since Full Court isn't always in HD". Full Court is NEVER in HD for any broadcasts (KU games or otherwise).

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