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Undefeated Rockets not awed by KU

Kansas has had LOTS of great freshman; Wiggins is exactly what I thought he would be like and he is still accomplishing a lot. Stop trying to act like he is a bust and a terrible player. He just needs to play his role.

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Jayhawks finalists for prep shooting guards

Guys, stop worrying, if we get too many scholarships we will red-shirt Frankamp

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Self says Black’s breakout still to come

Yes but going with Embiid is a risky move, they would rather take whats in front of them depending on how desperate the team is, if you have a team that needs an instant impact, then they will pick Parker to be #1 overall.

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Column: Brannen Greene starting to figure it out

If Embiid stays consistent then I think he will be the #1 pick, that being said we get Myles Turner. Ellis is back to his normal self and scoring higher numbers, I sure hope White doesn't transfers because I love his game and his work ethic, he would be great, Landen Lucas is going to be amazing when he leaves Kansas. The losses we had were not because they were great teams, Kansas just wasn't playing good that is why we almost lost to UTEP.

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Column: Like predecessors, Mason should grow out of inconsistency, into talent

That is not true at all, he was a terrible shooter which has gotten so much better, and he didn't know what to do with the ball, still the same, if he was better last year he would have been the starting point guard over Elijah

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Rocky Mountain low: Jayhawks fall to Colorado, 75-72

Kansas needs to play fast ball against zone defense, they need to attack at them and pass a lot and not those stupid bunny passes because that creates turnovers. Frankamp has a lot of work to do but eventually it will pay off and he will be great, it might not be until his senior year but it will pay off. The rebounding was sickening. I think that White needs to play consistent minutes in the rotation, he has tremendous up-side. He is tall, muscular, more experienced, very hard working, and obviously can shoot. We all saw that Wiggins can score just about whenever he wants when he drives the ball, but that was a problem during Atlantis, he couldn't make the simple shots. When they all contribute and play at their best they are UNSTOPPABLE. They just need to learn to show it, embrace it, and play with hard work and confidence. This is just a road bump on the way to an amazing season, it will all get better just wait, RockChalkNation

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Frank Mason to open at point guard for Jayhawks

He doesn't get too much playing time but he has the potential to be so great, by the end of the year he will really help this team.

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Frank Mason to open at point guard for Jayhawks

This is going to be awesome, I cannot wait to see 4 freshman and a sophmore starting! It will get the whole team working harder since Self is challenging every position and sending a message of if you work hard and you play hard, you can start.

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Self: Shooting just one of KU's struggles

I agree but those things can be developed with hard work and hours of practice. He is going to be a four year player and by the end of it I amagine he will make it a great one.

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Opinion: Wiggins’ growing pains worth it

The only difference is that Wiggins has already said he is going NBA, unless he gets injured by some chance he will be gone to sucess in the NBA.

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