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Markieff shrugs off $10K fine; recruiting goes 'live'

There was nothing in their contract saying they wouldn't be traded. Only 3 players have a no trade clause in their contracts. Kieff knew this could happen. Like you said he will survive, but he still needs to grow up.

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KU basketball notebook: F Gabriel cuts KU; Markieff Morris wants out of Phoenix

To even be eligible to receive a no-trade clause, a player must have already collected eight years of NBA experience and at least four years with the team that signs him to a contract containing the clause.

Garnett, Bryant, Nowitzki, and Duncan are the only four current players that have no trade clause in their contracts.

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Drone at KU football game raises concerns

It wasn't hard to see where it landed. I watched it land. It landed on the hill at one of the white tents.

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Clint Bowen explains how he will manage game-day duties

When Campo came in he was the Assistant Head Coach/defensive coordinator. Halfway through the first season it showed that the college game was different from the NFL for Campo so Weis made Bowen and Campo Co-Defensive Coordinators. After the season was over Weis moved Bowen full time to Defensive Coordinator and Campo became the the Defense Secondary Coach. As for the rest I don't know but I would guess it goes along the same path as my first part. When it came time to pick a Interim coach Zenger probably looked at both and said Bowen has more college coaching experience then Campo the players love him. He played for KU is from Lawrence lets give him a shot. The last part is just what I think.

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LB/DE Jenkins-Moore announces departure from KU football

Not surprised he was going to have a hard time getting on the field with the group KU has coming back.

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Big recruiting weekend looms for Kansas University football

He is a tight end who is transferring from University of Florida to Kansas. This happened back in December.

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KU football to play Illinois in 2023, 2024

With the new playoff system you will not see many if any schools from the Big 4 power conferences not going to count the American as a power conference playing FCS schools anymore. I am not sure of the year but I think starting in 2016 you will see all Big 12 schools playing only FBS division schools.

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Fans gather, wait overnight, for Late Night in the Phog

I have been before and it was a fun experiance but not worth the hassle of waiting. I was tempted to go this year just because of the Freshman class. But after reading all the comments of people waiting in line and not getting in I am so glad I decided to stay home and just watch it on TV.

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Former Jayhawk DT Marquel Combs finds new home

Combs seemed to be lazy and wanted everything handed to him on a silver platter. CW comment if you can't play here where can you play gets kids in the door. But you still have to work hard to get playing time. Sounds like Combs didn't want to work and look where it got him FCS Southeastern Louisiana.

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Former Jayhawk DT Marquel Combs finds new home

Southeastern Louisiana is a FCS school because it is in the lower tier Football Divison he is eligble to play right away.

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