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KU men's basketball releases nonconference schedule

The last team to join was going to be Michigan State but now it will be Iowa rounding out the field. Solid tournament.

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Thomas Robinson declares for NBA Draft

Never been more happy to see a player leave KU early. Not only did we win our 8th straight conference title this season because he came back for his junior year, but there's no way we make a run to the NCAA title game without him. There will be a 2012 Final Four Banner in Allen Fieldhouse forever, thanks in large part to T-Rob. Rock Chalk!

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Attorney for KU's McLemore suggests entrapment defense in minor in possession of alcohol citation

I work at Abe & Jake's and it's not uncommon for ABC to hand out 7 or 8 minor in possesion citations when they show up.

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Dreamin’ until tonight’s tipoff

I know how good Griner is for their women...but 40-0 since Nov. 5 for the 3 biggest sports? Sweet mercy, I'd streak across Memorial Staidum in front of 50,000 people if that ever happened at KU.

Here's to hoping that record changes to 40-1!

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

You might need to change your username now.
Maybe to "fatlittlegirlfriends"...

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Victory over UCLA sets up meeting with Blue Devils

As a senior at KU in the J-School, I would gladly accept. Simple fact checking isn't that difficult. Plus, I could make TK look better and maybe help him keep his job until I take it. Just kidding...but seriously.

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ESPN trio a treat

I love Raftery. So excited for these next three days!

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With Penn State mess making national news, Gill says protocol in place at KU is clearly defined

Although somewhat inappropriate considering this specific article.....

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Loss to KSU ‘step back’ for KU

"I'm not going to do anything to support that..."

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