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Tiger coach laments War’s end

why should Frank Haith care so much about this game? MU left... they have been looking to leave for years... why should we legitimize their program by playing them?

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A clean sweep: Tyshawn Taylor talks it up after KU victory

I'm really going to miss Taylor... I could go on about his athletic moves...just as much as I could whine about his TOs and questionable plays...

In the end - he is a good kid, and a Jayhawk---it has been a ride watching him grow.

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Federal Judge Wesley Brown, who presided over KU ticket scandal case, dies at age 104

hahahaha....that was funny stuff...

but seriously, I was thinking the same thing... 100+ and still on the bench...

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Roger, Dodger: Tommy Lasorda tells Bill Self to 'enjoy the wins' following KU's 64-54 victory over Texas A&M

a few comments...

- I reviewed the play of Withey (earlier in the season) ---his early stat lines do not necessarily reflect his play... he looked a little awkward and at times was out of position. I was disappointed, because I thought he really hadn't had any playing time to exhibit the benefits of D Manning's 2 years of tutelage. Maybe his previous injuries held him back?

I am amazed at the progression Withey has shown in just a few months... I hope these comments don't sound condescending --they aren't meant to be....but if Withey would step up a little on the offensive end, Trob + Withey combo would seem unstoppable.

It would mean fewer double/triple teams on Trob. Especially if Trob would learn to pass to Withey when doubled.

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Filling the gaps: Weis seeks jucos, transfers to bolster KU's roster

I feel like we'll compete next year - we may not win a lot of ball games, but we're unlikely to see many 70-28 games.

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FINAL: Unbeaten no more: KU knocks off No. 3 Baylor, 92-74

amazing, fun, loud, and proud to be a jayhawk...

congrats to Taylor for playing an unbelievable game... of course, Trob plays lights out...

too much!

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Who is KU's biggest surprise this season? Plus, predictions for KU-Howard

Surprised no one mentioned Withey - I guess I didn't expect much. He has disappeared at times - but other than Young's big game... Withey has shown much more overall.

no disrespect to Young - I would like to see some repeats of his big performance.

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Blue chip recruit Brannen Greene picks KU

anyone thinking we have been doing a good job recruiting isn't being honest with the situation.

it "appears" Self is interjecting himself directly into the process - that hasn't happened in recent years... Tarc is a prime example.

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KU's Self not fretting over Missouri's decision to leave Big 12 for SEC

I did give a flip - but they're gone... and if we ever decided to schedule an SEC team annually - it wouldn't be Mizzou, but it should be Kentucky.

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