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Family Fun: NCAA pays family travel expenses for Final Four participants

I'm not 100% positive, but I believe players are given a few game tickets - maybe 4 or 6 - for their family members at each of their NCAA Tournament games.

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Ivy League student athletes are still athletes

Oof. Now we know why I didn't attend an Ivy League school.

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Getting to know: Texas Tech basketball

I'm not sure Silvio will have another game this season like he did vs. Oklahoma. I feel like that was a game where the stars aligned for him (KU's extreme foul trouble, OU's lack of defense). I definitely could see Udoka with a big game, though.

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Reviewing the 2017 Kansas football recruiting class

Probably one year too early to fully judge the high schoolers because of the redshirts. But I'm not sure that there's an all-Big 12 type talent in the class, and I think every class needs at least a few. Among the redshirts, I think Tabor could be a good receiver judging from how he played in high school.

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Kansas basketball offers scholarship to KC wing Ochai Agbaji

If the weakness is KU's frontcourt, I don't think that'll be much of an issue next year. Azubuike, Lightfoot and De Sousa could/should return and KU is still adding transfer Dedric Lawson and incoming freshman David McCormack.

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Getting to know: Oklahoma basketball

Thanks, Grady. I didn't realize that. You are correct.

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Getting to know: Texas Tech basketball

Ten guys in Tech's rotation play at least 10 minutes a game, so Chris Beard isn't afraid to ride the hot hand off the bench. Probably helps with the team's defense, too.

Good point on stats changing in conference play. For what it's worth, KU is 6th in KenPom rankings and Tech is 7th.

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Bill Self on loss to Washington: 'We deserved exactly what we got tonight'

Yes. Here's a link to Self's full postgame audio:

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Out of bye week, Jayhawks preparing for talented Texas Tech offense

Here's the quote from Beaty's HawkTalk radio show: "We practiced about three-and-a-half, four times basically throughout that week, which is about a normal load for most teams. We had lots of video and lots of lifting that we did that week." Obviously the team wanted to get some guys healthy and coaches spent plenty of time recruiting.

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Notebook: Lil Yachty performs at Late Night; Graham enjoys skits

Just fixed it online. Thanks!

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