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Bill Self on loss to Washington: 'We deserved exactly what we got tonight'

Yes. Here's a link to Self's full postgame audio:

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Out of bye week, Jayhawks preparing for talented Texas Tech offense

Here's the quote from Beaty's HawkTalk radio show: "We practiced about three-and-a-half, four times basically throughout that week, which is about a normal load for most teams. We had lots of video and lots of lifting that we did that week." Obviously the team wanted to get some guys healthy and coaches spent plenty of time recruiting.

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Notebook: Lil Yachty performs at Late Night; Graham enjoys skits

Just fixed it online. Thanks!

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‘This was our house’: Madison Rigdon, Kelsie Payne lead dramatic comeback over Iowa State

You're correct. It's fixed now. Thanks.

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Happy debut: Peyton Bender starts fast in opening win over SEMO

Yes. Charlot had one catch in the second half that was called back because of an illegal block downfield.

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Highlights: Jayhawks work on special teams in camp practice

They are still there as a learning tool during some drills. In one of the kick return clips, you can see a ref throw his flag for a block in the back. Probably a benefit for both parties, refs to see some live action, and players to find out what gets called the most.

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KU's Louisiana football commits receive high marks entering final prep seasons

I had the same thought. My best guess is they limited it to one kid per school and they picked Harris over Jason at Landry Walker.

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Three transfers fortify already experienced KU volleyball roster

Just fixed it. Thanks.

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Beaty's former college teammate enjoys chance to see recruiting up close

I probably should've made it more clear in the story. He is entering his senior year at Ritenour.

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