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Revisiting Preseason Predictions: Marcus Garrett

I've been wondering who next years on court leaders will be and I have to think that Garrett will be a vocal leader alongside Lightfoot. I think he's gonna come into the season confident and seasoned. I think the transfers that will be eligible will respect him as he's battled tested and the new guys will look to him as he knows what coach wants. Despite all the FBI uncertainty, I'm really lookin forward to watch next years team grow, learn and get better. My biggest concern is chemistry, which will develop overtime and 3 point shooting. It's a different game now and I don't know that pounding it down low wins as much anymore. But I'm not a Hall of Famer and have never coached a team so who know! RCJH

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Basketball walk-on James Sosinski breaking tackles upon return to KU football

I think it's a great idea to have him speak to the football team about his experience. And I'm not joking or demeaning the football team but James Sosinsky was part of a winning culture. He was able to see what a winning coach wants from his players and how hard these players work to win. I'm sure there are a million other things that he can take from his experience and pass on but those are just a couple. I hope he has a successful football career here and takes the rest of the football team with him towards that success. RCJH.

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Charles Barkley: Bill Self never gets the credit he deserves

I think he’s picking Villanova. Which is fine bc he’s picked against KU every time. In fact I’m GLAD CB picked Nova. RCJH

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KU coach Bill Self calls Jayhawks 'the healthiest that we have been'

Ryan, man that was awesome! I hadn’t seen that video yet. My eyes literally watered to hear the crowd and see them so excited! Thanks for sharing!

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Tom Keegan: Devonte' Graham makes his case for best player in Big 12 against Oklahoma

This team not only played with energy they played with chemistry. And though Graham directed it all it truly was a team effort. Both halves were active. Though this may not be KU's most talented team one thing is for sure, they are playing with the heart of the some of KU's best! Rock Chalk

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Game day Breakdown: No. 8 KU basketball vs. Oklahoma

Hoping that if Trae Young hit the wall he sits at it one more game. I wouldn't bet on it tonight though. Everyone seems to find their mojo when playing KU. We just need to play with the energy we had against WVU for both halves. Lattin can't handle Dok so we need to feed the big guy and hope he stays out of foul trouble. Vick showed a lot of emotion at the end of the WVU game so hopefully he's still on an upswing. If Newman can come out as aggressive as he ends games he'll be hard to stop. Svi, well he just needs to find his shot, or get open for em. Graham has to do what Graham's been doing, but hopefully with a couple more 3's falling for him. I think we can win this game. I don't think it will be easy.

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Tom Keegan: Sherron Collins not yet ready to give up on basketball

You never know man. My brother was a great boxer as a kid. At 38 years old he dropped almost 60lbs and got back in the ring. Went undefeated for 4 fights, 2 draws and 1 loss. At the age of 37 (6 yrs ago) I got back into music, landed an independent record deal and my first album reached #62 on the iTunes charts in 2012. In 2016 my album 'The Lottery' hit #8 on those same charts. This year I was invited to the Grammys. My point is never give up. It all comes down to how bad you want it.

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Kansas City guard Ochai Agbaji to reveal college pick Thursday afternoon

I wonder if coach is just seeing long term here for the program. Someone he can develop like Mason & Graham, which I'm sure was mentioned on more than one occasion in the recruitment of Agbaji. How could that not be impressive to an unranked local kid?

Regarding next years team, I think Dok is back. Though he's getting better I can't see him leaving next year. Same with Malik. Vick is hard to say. It would be really good to have all those guys back as we'll have some really good veterans next year to lead the new crop. Because even though The Lawsons and Moore are practicing this year they haven't played for KU in game time so we'll need experience in Self's system leading the way. I'm excited for next year but there will be growing pains. I'm SUPER excited for 2 years down when all these guys mature. Yes some will leave but a majority won't! RCJH

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Examining the potential impact of KU basketball playing 2 big men

I've seen second round.

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Bill Self used to look ahead at the Big 12 schedule; not any longer

to me it looks like tech has the "easiest" of the next 4 conference games. Lookin forward to UK vs WVU though!

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