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Marcus Garrett still not back to 100 percent

He's a tough kid and obviously dedicated to this team. I'm sure he and the staff know his limits. I'm thinkin we need him on Lindy Waters for a bit this weekend. 1 game at a time.

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Notebook: KU sophomore Marcus Garrett plays 22 minutes in first game back

Guys, granted this team isn't living up to pre-season expectations but you guys are being pretty brutal to kids that you most likely couldn't compete with in your prime. This is not an easy game, talent or not. As much as this sucks it should go to show you how good coach has been for 14 years. We truly are a spoiled fan base. We're having one down year. We're due. It wasn't supposed to be this way but it is. We've been the beneficiaries of lots of opposing team's injuries, dismissals, ineligibilities and balls bouncing our way. It just hit us all at once this year. There's STILL A CHANCE! Albeit not a great one, but there's still a chance as long as we win out and a few things go our way. We have to win tonight. Personally if we don't win it, I'd rather Tech win it. Forget keeping the trophy in KS. KSU fans live in Kansas and they're the worst. I actually respect Chris Beard. I don't respect ole Brucey. That said we all want this team to do well and they still might. They still might...

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Benton Smith: Ochai Agbaji has become key player for KU after just 10 games

No way Turgeon and Manning are his only options. They are average coaches at best despite their roots. No way KU settles for that.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 84, Oklahoma State 72

These guys played like their backs were against the wall. I hope it's not just a home effort. I think this group takes it on the road now. Although TCU is no pushover. They just got a big win up in Aimes!

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Quick recap: No. 13 Kansas takes down Oklahoma State for 84-72 win

I know this was against a lesser team, in fact one of the lesser teams in the league, but this had to feel good for the team. I look at it as a practice game. A chance for us to figure out how to play without Vick. We need a few things to go in our favor to win the league. For instance we need TCU to beat ISU because they are a game up on us and we don't have the opportunity to hang an L on them. If ISU loses we go from 4th to 3rd. But either way the KSU Baylor loser will automatically put us in second place. Big win as far as the race is concerned. Right now TCU is up on ISU 17 with just under 7 min to play. It was really good to see our guys playing with confidence. But we also saw this last week. Now we gotta carry it on the road. Rock Chalk

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Lagerald Vick could be 'the factor' in KU-Texas Tech showdown

These are the times that Grimes needs to be sneaky good. The main focus on Lawson, Vick. I'm sure there will be a bit more focus on Ochai as well. Q is athletic but doesn't really play to it. He seems to settle for floaters rather than drawing fouls and getting to the line. We need him to be tougher.

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Revisiting Preseason Predictions: Marcus Garrett

I've been wondering who next years on court leaders will be and I have to think that Garrett will be a vocal leader alongside Lightfoot. I think he's gonna come into the season confident and seasoned. I think the transfers that will be eligible will respect him as he's battled tested and the new guys will look to him as he knows what coach wants. Despite all the FBI uncertainty, I'm really lookin forward to watch next years team grow, learn and get better. My biggest concern is chemistry, which will develop overtime and 3 point shooting. It's a different game now and I don't know that pounding it down low wins as much anymore. But I'm not a Hall of Famer and have never coached a team so who know! RCJH

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Basketball walk-on James Sosinski breaking tackles upon return to KU football

I think it's a great idea to have him speak to the football team about his experience. And I'm not joking or demeaning the football team but James Sosinsky was part of a winning culture. He was able to see what a winning coach wants from his players and how hard these players work to win. I'm sure there are a million other things that he can take from his experience and pass on but those are just a couple. I hope he has a successful football career here and takes the rest of the football team with him towards that success. RCJH.

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Charles Barkley: Bill Self never gets the credit he deserves

I think he’s picking Villanova. Which is fine bc he’s picked against KU every time. In fact I’m GLAD CB picked Nova. RCJH

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KU coach Bill Self calls Jayhawks 'the healthiest that we have been'

Ryan, man that was awesome! I hadn’t seen that video yet. My eyes literally watered to hear the crowd and see them so excited! Thanks for sharing!

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