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KU coaches say hey to Hampton before 2020 guard heads north for Late Night

A little off-point here, but has Bill lost some weight? Looks pretty trim in this pic.

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QB of Kansas basketball team wowed football coach

Yeah, but you wouldn't get to enjoy his electric smile hidden by helmet/mask

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Kansas guard Malik Newman to enter NBA Draft

Not much of a surprise and of course, like the rest of us, I wish him the very best; and, too, my first thought was that Bill, in that meeting, may have asked him to announce sooner rather than later a la Langford; that's now looking more like a possibility. I think our true competition for him is Vandy; Drew is a fine young coach and he's doing some fine recruiting—I taught high school with his dad, Homer, an assist. basketball coach; later the long time Valpo coach

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Sophomore forward Mitch Lightfoot logging valuable minutes and delivering for Kansas

I've liked this kid from the beginning; athletic, a lot of energy, engaged, positive. By the time he's a senior (if not junior), he's gonna be something; and he'll help us big time this season.

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Azubuike's new free throw form a step in the right direction

his form starts out decently but when he goes to move his arm.wrist, his elbow cocks out to right every time; less so than a game or two ago but still there; he's trying but as soon as he starts to move, bingo, bad form.

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Freshman forward Billy Preston signs with European professional team, ends KU career

Career? What career? A couple of exhibition games?

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Jo Jo White: What It Means To Be A Jayhawk

I was/am a huge basketball fan--Dr Allen was my doc and our neighbor was, first, Dick Harp, and then Ted Owens. My dad was Dean Smith's first coach in Emporia. Anyway, I knew JoJo was coming to KU and I went to his first game in a Kansas uniform, a freshman game in Allen Fieldhouse against K-State. JoJo scored 15 points in that game, every single one of them from the freethrow line, missed all his shots from field. Saw one of his last games, too, in St. Louis, Dec. 67, had drink in hotel room afterward with Coach Owens and my folks.

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Drew coaching family knows NCAA tournament highs and lows

After I graduated from KU I taught high school for four years in St Louis area; I was the basketball scorekeeper at games; the assistant basketball coach was Homer and we've been in touch since. Fine man, fine family, always wish him success.

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The next Todd Reesing? Watch these videos and you be the judge

On the surface he looks like the real deal; hard to tell what his pocket form is as most of his passes are on the move, which he does effortlessly; has a great awareness of his place on the field; hard to tell his speed but he certainly seems to have no trouble outrunning just about anyone who chases him.

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