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FINAL: KSU baseball defeats KU, 5-4

I don't how KU is on the bubble: RPI in the 40s; Swept Texas earlier and will be 3 and 1 at the worst; split with KSU and MU; 2 of 3 from OU; split at Arkansas; a win at Ariz St.; 2 of 3 at OU; all teams in the top 25 and all but guaranteed spots in NCAA. Also swept traditional powerhouses OSU (when they were highly ranked) and Wichita St.

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FINAL: KSU baseball defeats KU, 5-4

kubrent: I am assuming you meant Walz - he pitched Saturday, probably not going on 3 days rest since our starters have been going on 6 all season long. Hall was not the problem and has not been the problem in any of our conference losses except Texas Tech. He has been matched against the other Big 12 aces and they all have at least 1 stud who'll be drafted. Last 2 outings vs KSU he has breezed thru 5 while the offense and defense has failed to provide adequate support. I have seen both games. No walks, few hits, low pitch count and working fast. Keeping defense on their toes and getting them back in the dugout quickly. I don't know how Land keeps in the lineup. Seems like he is 0 and 2 every at bat and strikes out at least twice a game. His defense has been shakey last two games, muffing bunts, coming off the bag when he shouldn't, no ups, and not knocking down hotshots a Sr D-1 4-year starter scholarship player should make. I seriously wonder if he has had his eyes examined since Fr. year. Swung and missed on 3 straight fastballs with bases loaeded late in the game. Price merciously pinch hit for him with Faunce in the 9th. How 5th yr Sr Faunce was not in line-up after 5 for 5 on Sunday is curious. SS lazily played a roller to back-hand and then hurried and sailed the throw instead of charging ball and having time to set feet and make a good throw. Timely hitting and defense were the problems.

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