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NC State's strengths, weaknesses and players to watch

Great, great read.

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Big man meant no disrespect


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Small forward Brannen Greene commits to KU basketball

As much as this year's team has struggled, it's looking more and more like this will merely be a "thin" year. The next two recruiting classes will take KU back to being a regular in the top 5.

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KU men's basketball opens with K-State in 2011-12 conference slate; Self calls sked toughest he's had at KU

Judging by the Saturday night times, it looks like at Mizzou and home against Texas are shaping up to be part of ESPN Gameday.

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Late Night musings

Half the article is about Self's speech. From the title, I expected it to focus on Late Night. I guess that's my mistake.

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Gill names Webb starting QB for Saturday

This reeks of being a panic move by a young head coach who now realizes the man who hired him is no longer around.

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KUSports game app now available in iTunes store

I second that.

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KU men's basketball to play home-and-home with Ohio State starting in 2011

I think you meant non-conference, not preseason.

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Big 12 Conference lives on

You're on top of your game, Matt. Great work!

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Big 12 Conference lives on

According to Chip Brown, it looks like Texas is about to "commit" to the Big XII.

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