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KU football coach Charlie Weis uses 'window dressing' to keep KU's running game humming

Great job coach. I can actually see a team playing!!!! You will get us there. We trust you! Thanks seniors for sticking it out and giving us your all. Much appreciated!! RCJH!!!

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Report: Kansas football contacts Penn State linebacker

Greatly angered? Hmmm. So what can you do about it? Nothing at all.....the only thing that's your mind. Weis is playing by the rules. If your greatly should be at the ncaa.....not KU.

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Doc Sadler officially named director of basketball operations for KU men's basketball

Nope...not at all. laughing because you plunged into a conference that will make your brand irrelevent! Big 12 is in a cash windfall of it's own. We didn't have to bolt to get ours..........

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Jayhawks in top 5 … for schedule

Come on people. We know who we are. The U of K. For identity purposes, The U of K has chosen to go with KU. Kinda goes with the chant anyway. So can we get on with it? Does each story have to start with this? It's anal. I'm starting to think you guys need meds....or have to many. Just a thought......

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Big 12, SEC have deal for football champs to play

gotmylimitofjhawks....hey wait a minute....are you a jayhawk fan? Who are you relegating to the MWC?

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Elite forces: KU dispatches ’Pack; UNC next

Keep finding a way to win!

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Jayhawks big fans of women’s team, too

You all deserve only the BEST! Stick it to Tennessee!

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How a missed blockout and a lucky carom helped KU take down Purdue

Nice breakdown Jesse! That is reading I enjoy! Glad things went our way! RCJH!

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Fans chirping over what could be last KU-Mizzou basketball game in Columbia

Muck really suck. Post on tulanes message boards or mizzou.

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Fans chirping over what could be last KU-Mizzou basketball game in Columbia

I disagree. Ku chancellor and administration said and did everything correct. It made me feel good as a member of ku alumni association. You and man are no ku graduates......get off our boards. Trolls

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