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Texas prep QB commits to KU

Why? All of the success the program enjoyed late in the Mangino tenure was with guys who were under the radar in high school. Just because the guy doesn't have 5 stars by his name on doesn't mean he's a stiff. Get over it.

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2010 Big 12 football draft, North edition: Who sports the best team?

Toben Opurum is by FAR the steal of this draft ...

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By the numbers: 2008 vs. 2010 Jayhawks

The numbers are one thing, but this team lacks big-time in one area compared to 2008 - A killer instinct and a purpose. That team was not going to be denied by anyone. They lost three games, and in all three instances - K-State, Texas, Okie State- opponents had to play a near-perfect game just to squeak one out. This team has the talent, but they just show SO many mental lapses. I'd love to see Self win another national title, but the fact that this team just doesn't play with the same purpose and edge that the 08 team did is what I think will hold it back in the end.

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KU moves up to No. 2 in both polls

Ralster, couldn't you say the same thing about when he was at Kansas, though, with the tradition thing? Just saying ...

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KU moves up to No. 2 in both polls

Since I'm sure Roy doesn't fill out his own poll, I guarantee you it was their SID.

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Post men difference for motivated KSU

Queen_Krenda ... and KU laid down against Cornell at home and barely escaped. What's your point? Don't act all high and mighty. I'd say what K-State might lack compared to KU in quality depth it more than makes up for in toughness. That toughness simply wrestled the game away from Texas. Don't think the Cats aren't capable of doing the exact same thing to KU.

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2010 BCS Championship blog: Texas vs. Alabama

Wouldn't know, Jesse, as I was one of the fortunate ones who took the Tide -4 ;) However, I'm sure that is the scene at the books ...

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2010 BCS Championship blog: Texas vs. Alabama

Two words for you, Eric: Poor Jays.

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No zeros on All-’00s team


I'm honestly offended that you did not scratch and claw to get Luke Axtell on the all-transfer-in team :) He deserves the honor, no doubt.

Great lists, fellas.

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GameDay Cram Session: Michigan

Oh.My.Lord. Thanks for the shoutout fellas!!!

I'm probably sewing halves of my Maurice Taylor and Nick Collison jerseys together for tomorrow's tilt. Gonna be a good one, but Michigan's big men are pretty weak and will be overwhelmed.

I bet Manny Harris scores 25, but will have to hoist about 20 shots to do so.

KU 81, UM 64

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