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Tom Keegan: Kansas needs upset victory in Athens, Ohio, to restore hope

Tom, look at the bright side, we have 10 games left. There is no indication that we will lose all 9 games. If we win 2 gamiest that's progress. The bar is so low for Kansas that a 3-8 season is improvement. What has Kansas done to raise such lofty expectations that a loss to a good CMU team, is catastrophic? Nothing has changed for me. I will tune in on Saturday, and root them on. I will only take your articles seriously if the team reverts back to 66-3 losses. Right now, we are holding steady, and the team needs to earn respectability, which takes time. Wins would help, but they will come with progress. I like Beaty so I'm bias. Weis, and Turner were bad coaches or bad fits. Beaty seems like he is going to be here the long haul, and we need that kind of coach.

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Cozart’s confidence remains high

Is it unusual to see this kind of reaction coming from players whom their coach has just been fired? I could see that the players weren't buying into to Weis and they played with very little pride for their coach so it makes sense that the players are ready to move on. I wouldn't say that I expected this amount of excitement about it though. I would have expected the players to be a little more down than they are.

Regarding Cozart, I love the type of player he is and the potential he possess, however, when does KU start to look to their backups? When is enough, enough? How many weeks did Crist have before he was benched? How many weeks did Heaps have? There just may be a "Reesing" to make a change, pun intended. I love KU so whatever the coaches think is best but I would love to see what KU has lying on the bench here in the near future.

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Column: Kansas not paying ex-coaches one penny

Is it a stretch to see Mangino back at KU? It's not unheard of, didn't KU have a coach that had two stints at KU, Fambrough right? Just saying, I'd take a guy who has proven he can win at KU verse anyone else who'd take the job.
Proceed to bash my comment here vvv

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Must-win: Weis says CMU game ‘critical’

"Most of the players came to KU because of Weis and Campo. How could they not like Weis?" Exactly! The players have put their trust in Weis and he has let them down by not turning this program around and throwing players under the bus. Players don't like losing just like fans don't like losing.

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Must-win: Weis says CMU game ‘critical’

I live in Indiana but root for Kansas. Believe me, Purdue and Kansas are very similar programs. I think Kansas will lose to CMU and here is why. Kansas players are showing no fight and no passion. The coach is throwing his players under the bus and the players haven't responded to that since Coach Weis has been at Kansas. The score will be CMU 36 while KU will muster 13 points. Don't look for Coach Weis to be fired until mid-season when KU is sitting at 1-6. That's reality as it is. I would love to have KU surprise me and respond big time on Saturday with a lopsided win but I just don't think this team likes their coach.

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Former Jayhawk Micah Brown provides an inside look at KU football recruiting

Love it! Now let's hope recruits love it too!

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Column: Wiggins makes headway, now needs help

24 turnovers was the reason we lost. Every player contributed to this L. This is a young team and I know we should be patient but come on, 24 turnovers! Florida is not that good of a team but they had seniors who played under control and they manhandled our bigs. This is early in the season and I don't think there is going to be a lot of games where we turn it over this many times. If I were an opposing team, I'd consider throw a 1-3-1 zone or a 2-3 zone at them because KU doesn't know what to do against it.

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Charlie Weis announces shakeup with way KU offense is coordinated

Is coach Weis admitting that he doesn't know it all? I think he is one of the smartest offensive NFL minds. Not sure he's knowledge of the game is translating to college football just yet. This reminds me of the high school student who enlist in an AP course only to drop it when they realize it's over their heads. KU is basically throwing out everything they've worked on for the last 9 months for what, a totally new offense that will put up even weaker numbers. KU doesn't have the luxury of changing courses here. If Weis is admitting he doesn't know it all maybe just maybe it's time to hire an offensive coordinator and step away from the controls. Keep the same course though! I for one see this team becoming competitive week in and week out. If the offense is half as good as our defense has been, we'd be in every game we play with a chance to win.

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Keon Stowers: Kansas football will rebound

I think we ran into a chainsaw last week in Tech, TCU seems like they could impose their will defensively. KU just needs to put together 48 minutes of great football to pull off the upset this week. They know they can do it and hearing such positive attitudes is encouraging. Rock Chalk!

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