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Next year, title possible

Fairgrove Jayhawk--Very good point! However, if u lay the facts down some can't handle the truth and they attack, on the computer, because they don't want to face the truth face to face.

Take it to the bank, the one and done will be what happens to these 3 guys X, Collins and Cole going pro this year. They couldn't even handle a mid-major and they are ready for the pros? Not!

Hit the weight room like the twins and let's get ready for next year!!

Go Hawks!

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Next year, title possible

Greyhawker--I love your posts. These guys are like the movie with Tom C., "A few good Men," "You cant handle the truth!"

The truth is like the 3 that are going pro--X, Collins and Cole. The results will be like X this year, one and done!

X never showed up in ball games that counted.

Collins didn't know when to quit shooting and start passing, you know, that is what great point gaurds do, pass 1st shoot 2nd!

Cole--I love this kid, but he got taken out for lunch by a mid-major.

Face it, we were good, but not great.

For much is given, much is expected!!

KU was ranked #1 most of the year, and yes, people should be ticked-off, the talent was their, just like it was when we lost to the other mid-majors, we didn't not show up until the last 3 minutes of the game, just 37 minutes to late.

As my id goes, KU fans want RESULTS IN MARCH!!!

Go Hawks!!

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Next year, title possible

Must have 3-4 players who can go pro to win a championship ....uhm, we had X, Cole and Collins and still lost.

What we need is heart and soul through hard work. Just look at what the twins did, they paid the price in the off-seaason in the weight room.

We had a great year but came up very short for the talent we had..

Go Hawks

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