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Oregon prep standout Terrence Jones picks Washington

WE have no room to be talking about the final 4.

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Plano sophomore Zach Peters picks Kansas

Yes, we finally get a great kid who wants to stay 4 years and is thinking school and basketball!

If we learned any from the NCAA tourney it should be this:

1. Mid-Majors should not be taken lightly

2. Teams that have their starting 5 made up of JR.'s and Sr.'s have a very good chance of doing well--Butler.

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Josh Selby chooses Kansas


Selby said that it was a "tough decision." After he is here he will know without a doubt that it was the right decision!

Go Hawks!!

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Latest on KU recruits Josh Selby, Doron Lamb and Terrence Jones

We should not talk about winning a national champioship, just win in March, not lose to a mid-major ever again!!

I love this Selby kid. I watch the slam dunk contest, which is won, he has a great attitude---We need kids that want to stay more than 1 year.

I am excited about next year, I hope all Jayhawks hit the weight room. We need to be tougher and quicker.

Go Hawks!!

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft

He made the right move for the money, but he is not ready. All the big games his offense wasn't a big factor.

Most important reason he should have stayed? How about learning how to play defense?

Best of luck!

Bring on the athletes that want to stay more than one year. It sure paid off for alot of the teams in the NCAA tourney.

I sure hope ALL Hawks hit the weight run and work very hard on the off-season, not just beat KSU, which will be tough next year, or Mizzy, or even win the Big 12 title, which all be great, all that so we will get results in March!

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Xavier Henry still undecided about NBA Draft

Selby is a stud. I loved watching him win the slam dunk contest. He is very quick and seems to have what it would take to be our leader.

Make the right choice Selby and be the leader of the Jayhawks!

If he signs with us for next year we will be loaded in all areas, with or without X.

X should stay, read the to see what they think, he has some major areas that 1 more year would take of.

X should listen to Cole's press conference on how much he improved by coming back.

Go Hawks!!

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Cole Aldrich press conference (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Great kid-I wish u the best Cole!

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Cole Aldrich going pro: Junior center leaving KU to enter NBA Draft

Bad choice--He got ate up by a mid-major center big time! If one takes the time and look at the NBA grading, it is pretty clear that his offense, his quickness etc.. needs big work.

He is slow, the NBA game will be to much at this point. He needs to get much stronger, quicker, and have better results on the offense-scoring that is.

I wish he would come back and strengthen those weak areas and help the Hawks reach the better results in March.

If not, best of luck and thanks for what u have done at KU!

Go Hawks!!

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If you were Kansas coach Bill Self, what advice would you give Xavier Henry and Cole Aldrich?

Cole got ate up by a mid-major center. He needs to come back and get stronger and quicker on offense.

X didn't show up most, if not all, games that count.

Every KU player I can remember that made it in the NBA stood out and had results in the big games.

Next years team needs to be "hungry," This year we have been fed way to well with what other "think" about how good we were. Where did that get us? Knocked out by a mid-major.

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KU's Self to be CBS guest analyst during NCAA Tournament

Our prayers are with the Jackson family!

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