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Final Four ticket prices: They're a moving target

I went to Lucas Oil Stadium in 2009 to watch the KU-MSU game. I''ll never do a dome/football stadium again. We were in a corner that didn't have a good view of the tv so it was a terrible game. Even the "good" seats I thought wouldn't be good because how flat the section was. Better to go and watch from a good bar. Or better yet, go to Lawrence.

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Rush admits he ‘messed up pretty bad’

I'm pretty sure he wasn't an English major.

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Ostertag hopeful for another comeback

of the two, the Big O had a better career than Big Country. Not sure how long he was in the NBA, but it was much shorter than Ostertag.

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Ostertag hopeful for another comeback has historical box scores, although I'm not sure how well maintained it is anymore. When I was in grad school and short after I left it was probably the best site besides I believe one or both of the owners went back to school and it hasn't been the same.

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Lester 'shocked' by Perkins' resignation

sounds like everybody would rather have Lew's predecessor back. I, for one, have liked the job he did, with the exception of the last year or so, and I reserve the right to change my opinion on this as obviously more will come out about the ticket scandal.

I don't live in Lawrence/KC area so don't have many rival fans jawing about this to me, so I'm less affected by what some idiot KSU or MU fan has to say about it, nor does it require me to defend my alma mater.

Lastly, while Lew didn't hire Mangino, he could have easily fired him since he really didn't produce a good season until 2005, and since he wasn't "his guy" nobody would have blamed him. Mangino has to take blame for his firing too, he wasn't an angel. The money Lew's brought in and the upgrade in facilities is critical in both money-making sports, so while he's had some negatives, he's left the program in a better place than his predecessor.

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Chalmers, special guests to return for charity

actually, the third point is really funny. life's too tough not to make fun of it once in a while.

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Portland prep visiting KU

I imagine the Portland Trailblazers' GM watches the Kansas Jayhawks every year, since it's KU alum, Kevin Pritchard.

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KU's Self to be CBS guest analyst during NCAA Tournament

My thoughts and prayers go out to Darnell's family. His mom was a fighter and a good representative of KU.

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Gary Bedore's basketball notebook

I agree, Academic All-American of the Year is worthy of a retired jersey.

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Center Aldrich steady

Best line of the whole article:

Asked to name one thing Kansas could do better offensively, Self laughed and said, “One? Did you watch the same crap I did out there?”

It was a difficult game to watch with all of the turnovers. My guess the early season and Memphis's speed caused most of them. Definitely nuggets of greatness, and know HCBS will use this as ammo in the days and weeks ahead. Cole Aldrich was on, and that's probably why I watched the game to the end (despite the lateness of the hour in the Eastern time zone).

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