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Coaches recall moments at historic Allen Fieldhouse

I've never seen anything like the Raef dunk against Misery. The replays just don't do it justice as watching it live because you lose the flow of the game. He is running down the lane and the ball comes off almost too far for him to reach and then he just slams it home. It was almost too perfect.

I was at the 1995 game against Okie State. Big Country is pretty dominant that year and it's winner take the Big 8. We shut down Big Country (but let Randy Rutherford go off for 50) and KU wins the championship.

I remember the down by 15 at the half, win by 15 game against UCLA. That was another awesome game.

The game with Kevin Durant and the ovation was awesome. That was when people realized our fans are special. The knew they were watching something amazing.

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Report: Portland trades rookie Jeff Withey to New Orleans

Withey was much more of a player than Ostertag. He fouled much more than Withey (really the key factor to Withey's defensive performance). Every 7 footer blocks shots, but most didn't avoid fouls like Withey. And he only played (real minutes) for 2 years. The better defensive comparison is to Wilt.

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WKU laments missed chances

Even though nobody shoots over 35% in a game against Kansas the last 10 years, everybody thinks they can show up and hit shots consistently. Think about the numbers. Over the last ~30 games, probably less than 10 teams has shot >50% for the game. Amazing. Thank you HCBS. WKU...bye-bye!

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Road environment no problem for Ben McLemore

Free throw shooting was good except KY, and he spent a lot of time at the line practicing before the game. Relative to past KU FT shooting, I can't complain.

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Notebook: Elijah Johnson pleased with Jayhawks' fight in victory

I was there and unimpressed with the crowd. It was full but most of the time didn't make much noise. Another KU alumnus and I were commenting on how we could actually have a conversation early in the game.

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Notebook: Elijah Johnson pleased with Jayhawks' fight in victory

I'm not sure what the deal is with the name, I was there and the name was Schottenstein Center, but I'd seen Value City Arena as well, just thought it was the name of the court vs. the building.

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Wrapped up: Travis Releford's D on Ohio State's Deshaun Thomas keys road win

This was a good game to watch live, even if the place lacked any energy.

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Opinion: KU-Ohio State will be must-see TV

Luckily, I have tickets to the game since it's right up the road from me. Hopefully I'll get to see bunch of irritated OSU fans on route to the Chant in Ohio.

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Late Night plans announced

actually, that is incorrect as well, it's glyphosate. It's short for glycine phosphonate.

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