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Tom Keegan: KU can't drastically improve overnight — nor in one offseason

Watching the game yesterday, attention to detail comes to mind. KSU is a team with incredible attention to detail, when you have less talent than the opposition, you need every tiny advantage you can get. I believe it was the first game this season when Beatty elected to kick the extra point instead of go for two when the single point had no benefit to his team at that point in the game. It screamed "unprepared", and that kind of play isn't going to turn this thing around. KU needs to do all the little things perfectly, because the kind of talent that can get away with mistakes isn't going to be on the roster any time soon.

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Local Joe: Free State grad Dineen aims to rebuild tradition

Don't forget Gabe Toomey, that guy was undersized but played like a madman, his enthusiasm always impressed me.

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KU commitment Vick 50/50 on reclassifying

yeah, can't wait for him to play a heartless career of 20 or so games. KU has become the least inconvenient place for people who don't want to play college ball to bide their time before they can go to the nba and realize they weren't quite as good as they thought. so sad to see it come to this.

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LaGerald Vick commits to Kansas

who cares? Just another big name one and done no heart chump who will never really do anything for us. KU has completely lost an identity, breaks my heart. I miss the days when we had guys like Collison, Langford, Simeon, Heinrich, etc. We've basically become a D-league team.

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Column: Here’s a look at seven KU football newbies to watch

we need to recruit louisiana, maybe one of those kids has some mojo that can lift the curse of the Mangino off of us.

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Column: One week left in Bowen's trial run

I'm a big fan of what Bowen has accomplished in a relatively short time, but if the big money voices want a big name, someone who has a proven track record that we might actually stand a chance of getting, we need a guy who is out of coaching, has a history of previously taking a tough job and turning it around. The kind of guy that wants back in coaching that the big programs won't touch, but someone we can afford to take a chance on. What about Tressel?

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Column: Zenger has help in search for coach

Bowen has shown more in the last 5 weeks than we have seen in 5 years. The players sell out for him, and that's what it will take to win in a league where we will constantly be out recruited until we have continued success. It's a no brainer, he's the guy. As far as questions about his recruiting abilities, if he can get guys to play this hard for him, I feel pretty confident he can get players to want to come play for him.

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Game balls and gassers: KU vs. TCU

How about a gasser for an officiating crew that made a very questionable overturn on a catch that knocked us out of field goal range and also waited an eternity to throw a flag on an obvious TCU grounding penalty. Reminded me of the Charles Gordon Texas game.

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Tarik Black not assured spot with Rockets

He's huge, he can run, good hands, great athleticism. It's a no brainer.

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Tarik Black not assured spot with Rockets

NBA ain't for this guy, I've always thought he would be a beast in the NFL, red zone specialist. Name one guy who could stop him on a fade route. Automatic 6 every time.

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