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Brown lauds KU’s Mangino

Brown said he heard all week from people believing that the Jayhawks would come into the game unmotivated.

“That team didn’t look like there was anything wrong with it tonight. I thought they fought really hard,” Brown said. “You don’t fight that hard unless you’re fighting for coaches and yourselves. I thought that sent a message that those kids haven’t given up yet.”

The fact that Mangino can have this huge distraction over the program yet still prepare and motivate his players for a game that everyone knew KU would be out manned says a lot for his coaching abilities. I certainly hope they can continue and pull together against Missouri.

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Mangino going about his business

Interesting that most all other coaches are staying mum or being cautiously supportive of Mangino. If this is his "style" and has been during all of his time at KU, didn't Stoops or Snyder see any of this when he worked for them? Leach even came out with strong support. Mack Brown was respectful in light of the progress made at KU.

Are the recruits that are pulling out doing so because they are afraid they would come to KU and be treated like football players or are they pulling out because the writing is on the wall that the coach that recruited them won't be here to coach them? Same question about players wanting to transfer - are they wanting to leave because they feel Mangino will be gone?

The timing and the public laundering of this are shameful and just keep KU in the spotlight for off the court/field activities - something that hurts not only the football program but everyone involved with the University.

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