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Thomas Robinson teaches LeBron James a lesson-*

You also spelled wouldn't as "wouln't" in the first paragraph... but I'm just sayin'! Haha

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Recruit Jamari Traylor picks Kansas

I can't wait to get a good picture of this guy. Maybe we should think about sending Nick Krug out to get stock photos for all of our recruits...

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DeAndre Daniels delays decision until Thursday morning

I'm with the other are a tool and that is from 2009.

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Kansas, KSU share spotlight with Texas Tech at Big 12 Men's Basketball Media Day

I think that we all know that HCBS is a master at tempering expectations. I have a hard time believing that he would consciously recruit a player that he knows has skeletons in his closet. That being said, of course I am biased in this situation. I certainly hope that we are all going to look back at this and laugh about all of this worrying. No matter what, with Selby or not, I think the 10 coaches that voted for KSUck are crazy (of course, with the exception of Self since he couldn't vote for us).


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Kansas, KSU share spotlight with Texas Tech at Big 12 Men's Basketball Media Day

James A...a certain father of basketball, who shares your name, would argue that they are forever related. I, personally, am not an uber religious person, but I definitely worship the church of basketball. Allen fieldhouse is my temple!

Get the bells ringing, its almost time for Church!!!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU!

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KU men's, women's basketball will wear new uniforms in 2010-11

Ted, you just don't care as much because the drum major uniforms weren't affected! I am glad I got out before they got the high school band uniforms! If your band members can't march in step, get rid of the band member! Be exclusionary, don't cover it up by wearing black pants (without a stripe) and black shoes. Make an altercation! Take 'em out back and beat h*ll out of 'em!

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Aldrich, Taylor cleared to practice after sustaining minor injuries at Texas Tech

Maybe I am missing something here, but we are already Big 12 Champions (5th time in a row, thank you). We are not in danger of losing that title (unless I am terribly misinformed). There is no way that MU or OU can jump over us with only one game left and take that from us. Even if we lose and Misery and OU both win, we are still Big 12 Champions. Sure, we may have to share, but we can't not be Big 12 Champions. I don't want to share it with MU either, but they can't pry it from our cold, dead fingers either! AND...we are still going to be the #1 seed in the Big 12 tournament. I really have not seen the problem here. If Matt and Brennen didn't start it would be as if someone said that seeding in the NCAA tournament is more important than all of their YEARS of blood, sweat and tears that they have contributed to this wonderful game and this wonderful institution. Even if we lose to Texas (which, if we resemble the body snatchers that played in KU uniforms on Wednesday night, we very well might) we still win in the end. They start, I will cheer for them and Coach (if not the 2 Seniors we are talking about) will know when to make the substitution. Because, I would be willing to lay a very large wager, that although the excitement of starting the game at the college that they love may be a bit overwhelming, if they are outmanned and know that they aren't helping the team, they are going to be the first ones to ask to be replaced. That is the way their hearts work. Team first, personal glory second.

Rock Chalk! sssssssssssssssssssskawks!

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Henry picks Memphis

Ibrown3.... I had to add ESPNU as a sports pack on DirecTV. Its like $12 per month. But there are i believe 8 or so games on it this year. If you have Comcast (in Missouri, I know it sucks....) then you can't get it at all. That's why I went to DirecTV.

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Late Night memories

I am with jayhawkerjoel. Watching Zo shatter that backboard was pretty impressive! Many great memories of the different incarnations of Late Night. Whatever the time, whatever the era, it always means the same thing... ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, KU!!!!

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