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ESPN's Jay Bilas talks California law and KU vs. the NCAA on Rock Chalk Sports Talk with Nick Schwerdt

This California rule is going to ruin college sports if it is allowed to stand. When everyone hears the word "endorsements" you think Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, etc. But what you will really get is the local car dealership and every other booster owned business throwing money in. Players will simply go to the highest bidders-- a complete and unmitigated disaster will follow. They'd be better off giving them some sort of regulated stipend that is consistent across all universities or better yet, leaving it alone.

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Motion filed by KU aims to dismiss David Beaty's lawsuit

That's an extra $500K for every win. He should be embarrassed.......

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KU's Dedric Lawson eager to utilize skills gained at Kansas to carve out NBA career

NBA? Wow. No chance. Nice player, but not a pro....just not athletic enough.

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Tom Keegan: Udoka's time will come, just not Thursday

I thought one of Dok's off season goals (along with FT improvement) was better fitness? He looked gassed in his limited play against ESU.

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Notebook: Kansas WR Evan Fairs discovers consistency through trash-talking

I had to click on this after reading the headline. A KU player "talking smack" is just a hilarious thought. I'm convinced the Lawrence HS teams from the mid 80's would give them a run for their money. Perhaps they should focus on making plays and winning a few more football games.....

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Jo Jo White: What It Means To Be A Jayhawk

Great story, but the picture caption calls him a "standout". That's borderline insulting. Jeff Boschee was a standout. Jo Jo is a KU legend.

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KU basketball player Josh Jackson charged in car vandalism case; Self says he won't bench 'great ambassador' for KU

Not even a one game suspension? I think Self needs to rethink this. He broke the law, he probably could have been charged with more.... this is not a good look.

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Svi Mykhailiuk sparks Jayhawks in rivalry win

This team is painful to watch. I know I'm a spoiled KU fan, but this team has no toughness (aside from maybe our shortest player). I'm guessing an early tourney exit is in our future.

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Column: NCAA needs to fight back

Oubre's comments after the embarrassing WSU game were telling...."he felt sorry for the guys." Pathetic... absolutely pathetic.

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Abysmal in Indy: Top-ranked Kentucky throttles Kansas

I totally agree Walter. At least mix in some veterans here and there that can play.

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