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Kansas earns No. 4 seed in Midwest, will face Northeastern in opening round

I think that Lawson will also go pro, but can he jump? I've never seen him dunk the ball or sky for a rebound. He is very talented around the hoop and rebounds well in college, but I think that pros will push him around. Dok, on the other hand, I don't see that he made much progress in becoming a desirable pro prospect before he got hurt. I think that he needs to show another full year of development. All of the guards need more development at shooting and driving to the hoop.

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Kansas earns No. 4 seed in Midwest, will face Northeastern in opening round

Is it too early to say "who will be back next year"? I haven't seen much that would say any of the Jayhawks could go pro. Maybe D. Lawson, but can he compete at the pro level? Anyone else?

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Jayhawks suffer 74-67 loss to Wildcats, snapping 8-game win streak in Sunflower Showdown

McCormack was a 5 star recruit, but he doesn't even play. No wonder we have trouble getting new recruits.

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5-star Class of 2019 guard Anthony Edwards eliminates Kansas from list of finalists

David McCormack was a very highly recruited player. Why is he not contributing more?

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self dubs the Silvio De Sousa waiting game, 'beyond frustration'

So play him! Make the NCAA make a decision. Enough is enough.

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Success in true road games remains out of reach for Kansas basketball

Free Silvio!!! What has happened to the other schools that were incriminated? He has done enough time for the supposed payment to his guardian.

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