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Kansas takes over No. 1 spot in AP Top 25 and coaches poll

Bill, of course, is right. Being ranked #1 is a good reward for the guys, but the schedule will be brutal. And just because KU is favored to win 20 of the next 21 games doesn't mean that the probability is high of KU winning 20 of the next 21 games. In fact, the probability is undoubtedly very low for that to happen. KU has, as always, 9 conference road games to play. Each one will be a hostile environment and a potential court storming. Saying that KU is favored in 20 of 21 games scares me. The reason being is that it raises expectations to the casual fan. If you didn't know that KU is favored in all but one game, then you likely expect to lose at least a couple of games, likely three or four in my opinion. Once you know that KU is favored in all but one game then you start to question more about where those losses are going to come... You start to bump up the expectations, and you set yourself up for a letdown when the statistically probable losses do occur against teams that KU may be favored to beat (whether that be narrowly favored or hugely favored).

So, I am going to ignore the fact that KU may be favored in 20 of 21 games and try to maintain my expectations with the knowledge that KU will likely lose 3 or 4 games in conference play regardless of what happens at Nova.

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KU's Devon Dotson named Big 12 Player of the Week

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

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To college hoops coaches, 'There's nothing like the Maui Invitational'

B stands for "(you) Better sign a point guard next year"

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Former Jayhawk Sam Cunliffe helps Evansville knock off No. 1 Kentucky at Rupp Arena

I assume that he's going to graduate this year, and with one year eligibility remaining, he could come back! ;)

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5-star guard Bryce Thompson picks Kansas

great to see us land a prime time under armour prospect who had us and a bunch of nike (or Jordan Brand) schools in his top 4.

Maybe it's not all about the sneakers after all.

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Notebook: Self jokes 'dumb' scheduling makes for difficult slate

Sometimes they have games at Sprint Center which are part of the home court season ticket holders package. It is not a neutral site game. We have our band, our spirit squad, our fans and the visiting team doesn't. Those games tend to count toward the home court winning streak until we lose one of them. Then they start specifying that our win streak consists only of games played in Allen Fieldhouse.

I agree that it's annoying and I wish that they'd just not count the Sprint Center games and only count the Allen Fieldhouse games toward our home winning streak. But there is logic for why they do it, my biggest complaint is that we count the Sprint Center games when it helps, but then when it doesn't help then we switch the language to games played at Allen Fieldhouse.

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Marcus Garrett takes top spot in ratings after tough loss to Duke

Duke defended the post entry pass very well. I liked watching what Garrett and Dotson were able to do driving through traffic and getting deep paint touches. Often they may miss a difficult shot but create easy putbacks on the weak side for the bigs.

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Marcus Garrett takes top spot in ratings after tough loss to Duke

I was surprised to see more Braun than Moss and Wilson.

I definitely wanted the ball to touch Garrett's hands in every possession on the last two minutes. Dotson will play better as the year progresses and he may end up being the go to guy late in games, but last night was not his night, and I don't yet see a killer instinct in him. It may come out when his confidence is higher.

On the same note, Ochai also needs to develop a mean streak. He's going to be a star, and he has the potential to be the kind of guy who can take over a game whenever he wants, but if KU's going to be a contender this year, then he and Dotson both will need to be more assertive and take some of the pressure off of Garrett.

McCormack will be very good this year and we know exactly what to expect from Udoka as long as he stays healthy. I predicted that De Sousa may be set up to underachieve this year because the expectations were built too high for him after the final four season and the last year he had to sit out. He may struggle this season, but I think that it will be good for him to eat up on some cupcakes before we start the conference slate.

I hope that Moss is able to contribute this season, because we need more shooting.

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Kansas forward Mitch Lightfoot plans to redshirt 2019-20 season

this will be interesting to keep an eye out for.

Dok could get hurt. Can Silvio and Mac play without fouling? Are they ready for the many, many different looks they are going to see offensively and defensively throughout the year?

I tend to think that DMac is poised to exceed expectations and Silvio might be set up for a bit of a struggle.

Silvio comes with incredibly high expectations because he was so critical when he arrived late in the year and contributed to the final four run, but he hasn't faced the reality of playing a full season with opposing teams gameplanning against him.

DMac has a relatively lower bar set for him, and he definitely has the tools to surprise the casual college basketball observer this year.

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Kansas coach Bill Self impressed by junior Marcus Garrett at the point

I hope that he has improved his sleep habits.

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