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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

Are Weis and Zenger in over their heads? Maybe we replace the AD and HC. Bring in an AD that knows how to hire a HC for football, preferably an assistant AD from the SEC.

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Opinion: Talent limiting football offense

It helps to have read Tom's opinion articles up to this point. This article continues on with his thought process. He's identified we have slow receivers and an O-line that can't provide a lot of time for Heaps to wait for long routes to develop. So what pass routes are effective given those limitations? This is the same question Weis is asking himself. The other question is what distance is Heaps accurate to? His passes up to 15 - 20 yards out look ok but beyond that he's less accurate. Heaps also doesn't have the luxury of skilled receivers to catch his less accurate passes. So what routes can get receivers with average speed open and go for 15 - 20 yards or less in the amount of time that our O-line can hold their blocks? Take it a step further Tom. Which routes will work best for which receivers and why - based on the skill sets of the various WR's?

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Opinion: Running on first down best bet for KU

Where does TT's defense rank in stopping the run? Is it a strength?

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Opinion: Kansas football primed to upset Red Raiders

Whoever the TT QB is we've got to shake him up early, lots of blitzes and pressure. Hurry his decisions, harass his psyche. D-backs need to jump routes and hang onto the ball. Occasionally drop Stowers into coverage, he's due for another INT.

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Loss of Combs far from devastating for KU football

I hope Combs learned some things from his time at KU. I'm sure Coach Weis shot straight with him about what he needed to improve on so at least he has that to take with him. Combs brought some good players to KU so he wasn't a total waste. Hopefully they stick and graduate. While I'm disappointed in Marquel's inability to overcome his challenges at KU, I wish him well in the future.

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Loss of Combs far from devastating for KU football

Mangino had his share of Juco flame outs: Jocques Crawford 4star (aka Mr. 2000 yards), Nathan D'Cunha 4 star (Aussie Juco OL), etc.

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs to transfer

'Quel, what the hell?!!!

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Box score breakdown: Should we still consider KU a run-first team?

"KU had more possessions and more plays than an average contest, yet the Jayhawks mustered just six "explosive" plays."

For context how many "explosive" plays should a normal team average per "regular" play? Do teams average 1 explosive play for every 8 regular plays? Sure, I'd like some more explosive plays. However I need some factual context to decide if I'm concerned about it.

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Box score breakdown: Should we still consider KU a run-first team?

I liked Weis's play calling better against LaTech than against Rice. It involved more of our playmakers - Sims, Pierson, Bourbon. The box score on ESPN showed that Miller only had 3 carries. Miller's another piece to the puzzle that Weis needs to add to the mix. Not sure that our O-line can open holes for him so maybe mix him in for a screen pass every so often or a sweep with Bourbon in the backfield as another blocker. I also think we need to get Coleman more involved but he needs some routes that will get him open. Maybe have him run more curl / button hook routes.

I agree with Jesse's observations. Really not looking forwards to our D-line having to match up with Baylor / Seastrunk. That is gonna' be a brutal game to watch. Our O-line looked more effective at pass blocking, looked like Heaps had more time to choose his receiver against LaTech than against Rice so that's an improvement.

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Opinion: KU must get football to playmakers ... a lot

Glad to see Coach Weis got the memo about involving his playmakers - Sims, Pierson, Bourbon, Miller more in the game plan. Add in shorter passes to build up some confidence in Heaps. Smiley making some catches at TE. Matthews with a great catch at a critical moment. Not a perfect game by any means but at least a game to build on. Congratulations coaches and players!

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