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Bill Self press conference: Jan. 9, 2012, Pt. 3

@7:20 mark... called it. Well done Self

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A&M basketball recruit dies in car crash

He actually hit another car head on and they were killed instantly. Very tragic.

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Aldrich: Collison or Big O?

hawksince51...then watch womens

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Running it 60 percent of the time might not be bad for Turner Gill and KU

He kind of touched on that...

"Gill did say that he would adjust his offensive philosophy to his talent, especially in his first year. That means KU still might rely some on the pass this year. "

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History repeats itself in KU's loss to Northern Iowa

I believe it actually had more to do with UNI and getting second chance points. I cant find it, but I believe Self said, that UNI had 18 points off of 11 offensive rebounds. Pure and simple right there.

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KU routs Temple on the road

Nice story in the background about "contractions"

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

The Jayhawks have held 81 straight foes under 50 percent.

That is really impressive when you think about it

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Elder Henry makes debut

Phog Allen said RED was the most intimidating color to wear. I love it.

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Twin transformation

Now they are dunking and trying to finish everything above the rim. It’s a big improvement,” Collins added.


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Winning North realistic for KU football

Thank you Jross!!!! Thank you!!! You said it all!

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