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Missouri adds ex-Jayhawk Tania Jackson

If you follow the team you will know that, while talented, she was never willing to put the effort into being a premier player. Her on-court and bench pouting were embarassing. I find it difficult to ever say (or read) negative things in print about players, but this is different. I was never so glad to see a player leave (by the way, in the middle of the season with no thought about how it impacted her team).

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HoopTube: New video technology boon to KU men's basketball

So can't other teams use the same process to analyze and prepare for games against the Jayhawks? It still takes great coaching to use the data effectively.

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Eagerly awaiting women’s hoops

Looking forward to the season opener.The Lady Jayhawks ended on a terrific note last year. I must admit to being amazed to see some press this early........usually have to search pretty hard to find any coverage.

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Charlie Weis trying to drum up game-day tradition

And if there was any way to put on the big screen the drum corps playing inside the stadium after they march down the hill, that would be awesome. These past two years, watching the drum corps was often the best part of the game!

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Eastern Michigan names KU women's basketball assistant as coach

This is a BIG blow for our program. The emergence of Aisha this year is directly related to Tory Verdi. I wish him well, but I am very disappointed for us.

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Charlie Weis trying to drum up game-day tradition

Now if we could get them to turn off the loud piped in music while the band marches down to the field from the Campanile, that would be awesome! The screen shows them marching down the hill......paired to loud very loud music. How about we listen to the marching band while they descend our hill? Start and end the game with tradition.

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It’s no dream: KU women still dancin’

I'll be glued to the TV on Saturday. Good luck Jayhawks! We are soproud of you!!

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America, meet Angel Goodrich

Ten hours later and I am still on a high about this win. I love the press for Angel and Aishah. But what about the freshman who contributed? This was outstanding coaching with a team cobbled together over the last month. So proud of this team!!!!!!! On to Des Moines!

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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

We dominated in the second half. Well done Jayhawks!

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Bonnie Henrickson: KU must shoot better

KSU women set a record last night for the fewest number of points scored in a NCAA tournament game. Let's show everyone that there is a Kansas school who can play in the tourney. RCJHKU! Let's go girls!

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